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Justin Bieber Charged HOW MUCH for Property Damage in California? (VIDEO)

Good thing Justin Bieber’s got money to burn. Between his very busy team of lawyers and now a new property damage fee, this kid’s got bills, bills, bills to pay. How much exactly? How’s $85,000 strike ya?

Because that’s the fee Justin has to pay before officially waving goodbye to California. The Canadian native, of course, recently sold his home in Calabasas to fellow famous resident, Khloe Kardashian. (This being the home the police raided in January after Justin’s neighbor accused the pop idol of egging his property.)

Before he can pack up for kid and fully settle in his new digs in Atlanta, however, Justin’s got to pay up. He supposedly left a huge ole mess behind and Kokes won’t be picking up after any 20-year-old upstart.

Before Justin hands over the keys to Ms. Kardashian, he’ll need to pay that nearly $90,000 fee. What kind of damages the money’s going toward isn’t quite clear (our imaginations are running wild) but we do know he’s got to pay up within a week or else the sale won’t go through. And that matters not just to Justin. Khloe needs a new place!

What do you think might have caused $85K worth of damage? Wild parties? All-night music sessions? Eggs? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

03.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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