Which Glee Proposal Was Best — Klaine, Wemma, or Finchel?
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Which Glee Proposal Was Best — Klaine, Wemma, or Finchel?

If you’re like us, then you haven’t been able to do anything productive all day because you keep replaying Blaine’s spectacular proposal to Kurt from last night’s Glee Season 5 premiere over and over in your mind. And no, we probably won’t stop mentally replaying it until some point in late 2015. If we’re lucky.

But as good as Klaine’s proposal was, we wonder how it stacks up against the other Glee proposals over the years. After all, each Glee proposal has been memorable in their own ways, while still maintaining the inherent qualities of what we love about each couple. So how does Klaine’s proposal rank amongst Finn’s to Rachel and Will’s to Emma? Let’s take a looksie.

Will and Emma

The first came in Season 3, Episode 10: “Yes/No,” as Will finally proposes to Emma with the help of New Directions. Calling this proposal over-the-top is an understatement — unless you think enlisting synchronized swimmers to pop the question is totally normal — but it fit Will’s character to a T. And his “life is messy, but that’s why you have me” speech was ridiculously sweet. So while the whole thing was almost too outlandish, it still gives us goosebumps.

Finn and Rachel

Later in that same episode, we get the polar opposite of Will’s proposal when Finn gets down on one knee for Rachel. Here, the understated and impulsive feel of the proposal was a perfect representation of the kind of guy Finn was. And Finn calling Rachel a “beacon of light guiding me through the darkness” is even more moving now than it was then.

Kurt and Blaine

So where does that leave Klaine’s? Certainly, it’s neck-and-neck with Finchel’s for sheer emotion. But we love Blaine’s unbelievable rendition of “All You Need Is Love” with all of Kurt’s closest friends, not to mention Blaine’s speech about falling in love throughout eternity. Space-time expert Stephen Hawking may not have approved of the speech, but we sure did.

Ultimately, our final rankings are: 3.) Wemma, 2.) Finchel, and 1.) Klaine. But maybe that’s just because Klaine’s is still so fresh in our minds. So let us know how you would rank the proposals! But keep in mind, ranking them is an even tougher task than mastering synchronized swimming.

What do you think, Glee fans? Which proposal was best? Sound off in the comments!

The Klaine proposal melted my heart.

Finchel's was the best! It was so heartfelt.

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