Kristen Stewart Talks About New Puppy, Shares Dog’s “Embarrassing” Name
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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Talks About New Puppy, Shares Dog’s “Embarrassing” Name

The great love of Kristen Stewart's life probably isn't acting (or Robert Pattinson), it's dogs.

The Twilight exes co-parent two dogs named Bear and Bernie, and Kristen reportedly adopted another dog named Bailey in November. However, it sounds like she also rescued another puppy.

The actress talked to MTV about her new family member while promoting Camp X-Ray at the Sundance Film Festival. In the film, Kristen plays a new guard at Guantanamo Bay who begins to question the abusive treatment of detainees.

Apparently the film, and her role as Amy Cole, had a lasting effect.

"I actually got her on Camp X-Ray," Kristen told MTV of her new puppy, "and named her my character name, which is so embarrassing. But it's so cute! Young Cole. ... She's a mutt. We found her in a Frisbee golf course, and she's small and scared."

Aww, that's sw — wait, Frisbee Golf? And there are Frisbee Golf courses? Where people abandon dogs? It's a good thing KStew is patrolling these areas like a puppy superhero, 'cause we'd never even think to go there. Young Cole is lucky to have such a great mom.

Kristen admitted to MTV that she worried people might not believe her in this guard role — "or think that I looked tough in a uniform, that I looked like I could do that job, that I could wrangle detainees that are massive and scary." Yeah, it’s hard to imagine the slender 23-year-old as a prison patroller, but she's proud of the female guards and hopes she represented them well.

Camp X-Ray had its world premiere Friday at Sundance. According to Variety, it got a mixed response. Some people "loved" the war drama and others called the film "too slow."

You can watch a couple of interviews with Kristen to hear more, although she doesn't want to talk about her new tattoos. She'd rather play coy about that.

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