Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford on RHoA Fight: “Kenya Was Taunting Porsha!” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford on RHoA Fight: “Kenya Was Taunting Porsha!” (VIDEO)

Anybody who saw the reunion brawl go down between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore on last night’s April 20 ep of Real Housewives of Atlanta will have an opinion about who’s to blame. Seemingly, most people are backing Porsha on the whole thing — even if she was the first one to take things to a physical level. But where does her fellow Atlantan reality star, Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb-Lunceford, fall on the whole issue?

Well first, let’s get Hotlanta Housewife Phaedra Parks’s take on the face off, as she joined Quad on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live after the reunion last night.

“Truth be told, Porsha and I talked a lot before the reunion because we both knew that we were in very fragile states,” Phaedra began, confirming what we’d already seen in the aftermath. “I had already warned her that this year I wasn’t pregnant — because last year Kenya had obviously threatened to snatch me up and I guess beat me [while] eight and a half months pregnant… But, this year, I just knew that I would not be able to tolerate all of the foolery.”

Apparently, Phaedra had hoped to prevent her co-star from losing her cool around the pot stirrer — though she admitted that Kenya has a way of taking rational people and bringing them to a new level. “We talked about it and I stressed to her the importance of being calm and making sure you maintain the proper decorum,” Phaedra explained, before adding, “I am totally against mollywhopping… But Kenya has a way of provoking people. She’s like a big bully.”

Does Quad agree? You better believe she does. “Kenya was taunting Porsha profusely,” Quad responded, after Andy asked her to give her outside perspective. “With the scepter and the bullhorn… [It was] just way too much.” #Preach!

Can we just add that we’d so love to see Kenya and Quad interact? Our TV screens might blow up with the shade of it all!

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