Quantasia Sharpton\'s Lawyer Denies Usher Made a Sex Tape With Accuser (UPDATE)
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Quantasia Sharpton’s Lawyer Denies Usher Made a Sex Tape With Accuser (UPDATE)


UPDATE (9/8/2017 at 10:53 a.m. ET): Usher accuser Quantasia Sharpton’s credibility is heavily tanking.

In a recent interview with Youtube star Miss Jacob Kohinoor, Quantasia spilled alleged tea, stating that she and Usher made a sex tape. She also claimed Usher consented to it.

Well, we learned what actually happened between Usher and Quantasia, and it will blow your mind!


If you haven’t guessed, Quantasia is lying about the sex tape and water remains wet.

TMZ reached out to her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who says Quantasia confused the facts during the interview and there is no sex tape.

The attorney did note there may be video surveillance of Usher entering the hotel, but there’s no guarantee.


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To be honest, since Quantasia had her press conference last month, she and her lawyer haven’t had consistent  “facts” in their case.

Keep reading to learn what else Quantasia had to say about her supposed rendezvous with Usher.


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Original story (9/6/2017 at 12:42 p.m. ET): Another day, another allegation from Quantasia Sharpton.

The 21-year-old became a viral sensation after claiming she had unprotected sex with Usher, who allegedly exposed her to herpes.  

Now, Quantasia reveals she has video evidence of them engaging in sexual activity, despite not referencing the reported sex tape when she initially accused the singer.


Quantasia says she met the superstar at his Atlantic City concert in 2014 where she was picked from the crowd and invited to meet the "U Make Me Wanna" singer backstage.

After meeting each other, Usher reportedly visited Quantasia at the Days Inn hotel she stayed at. When he arrived, Quantasia says they had sex.


After learning from news reports that Usher may have genital herpes, Quantasia contacted attorney Lisa Bloom.

"He never warned me about any STDs," Quantasia said during her press conference last month.  



Although she tested negative for the disease, Quantasia says Usher should have revealed his status to her.

"I would never have consented if I had known. I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease."

According to TMZ,  the single mom shared details about their reported sex tape to Youtube vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor and says the 38-year-old knew he was being recorded, too.


Although Quantasia is the most vocal, two other fans, a man and woman, stepped forward to file lawsuits against Usher for the same accusations.

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They also filed under the pseudonyms John Doe and Jane Doe.


When Usher's medical records were leaked this past July, it was revealed The Voice judge knew about his herpes status since 2009 or 2010, The Daily Mail states.


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The leaked documents also proved the musician paid a woman's medical bills and settled a $1.1 million civil suit after infecting her with the disease.


Since the news broke about his health, Usher has remained relatively mum about the situation, only to occasionally contest Quantasia's commentary.

He continues to deny the allegations, stating he never met the young woman and she isn't "his type."


Despite this being a messy situation, Usher's fans seem unfazed.


According to Page Six, women were seen vying for the celebrity's attention at Kevin Hart's charity and pool party event in Las Vegas over the past weekend.


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