Quebec Woman Faked Quintuple Pregnancy Until Ninth Month, Says Boyfriend
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Quebec Woman Faked Quintuple Pregnancy Until Ninth Month, Says Boyfriend

A woman in Quebec, Canada, has some serious explaining to do, according to her boyfriend. It seems that she faked her pregnancy — of five babies — right up until 36 weeks.

According to the the Toronto Sun, Paul Servat, age 32, was shocked to find out that his girlfriend Barbara Bienvenue was even pregnant, let alone pregnant with multiple babies. The couple was busy planning for parenthood when he found out the horrible truth at 36 weeks. Servat described himself as feeling “devastated” when the hospital broke the news that she’d been faking all along.

Servat told his story to QMI Agency, while being surrounded by five unused cribs in what was to be the bedroom for his five babies. “We were so happy” he explained, tearfully, “Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren.”

Servat said Bienvenue first told him she was at first pregnant with twins back in September. The couple met online over the summer. A little while into the pregnancy, she informed Servat that she was carrying triplets, which quickly segued into quads, then quintuplets. Um, red flag, Paul? That’s not usually the way pregnancy works...

When Servat took Bienvenue in for a checkup at the hospital last week, the nurses told him that there was no record of any pregnancy for his girlfriend. They had to resort to showing the shocked fake dad-to-be Bienvenue’s blood test in order to prove it.

What prompted this woman, 37, to lie to her fiance? It’s actually more common than you might think. Pseudocyesis is a mental disorder that allows a woman to believe that their body is displaying all of the signs of pregnancy, despite a clear lack of medical proof.

Servat told QMI that after the overjoyed couple announced the impending births via Facebook, they received a ton of gifts from family, friends, and other members of their community, even strangers. Sadly, Servat plans to return everything now. Hopefully he kept some of those receipts.

Source: QMI Report via Toronto Sun

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