Glee 100th Episode Spoilers: Quinn Returns, Bonds With Puck (PHOTOS)

We have to admit, we’re still surprised that Dianna Agron wasn’t asked to make an appearance in the Cory Monteith tribute episode in early October. That said, that doesn’t mean there’s any truth to the rumors that Ryan Murphy didn’t want her back on the show. As a matter of fact, the Glee creator made sure to extend an invitation to Dianna to appear in the 100th episode, which she (and several of the other original glee clubbers) happily accepted!

When the highly-anticipated episode airs on Tuesday, March 18, we’ll watch as Quinn reunites with Brittany and Santana as the Unholy Trinity. The trio will be teaming up for a super sexy performance, said to be Britney Spears’s sultry number “Toxic.”

It’s not just a reunion of the former besties, however. Fans of Quinn’s relationship with Puck are sure to be excited, as rumors of a reconciliation have been swirling for weeks. Though Quinn first reappears with her hottie Yale boyfriend in tow (portrayed by none other than former Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford), it’ll quickly become apparent that her feelings for her baby daddy haven’t disappeared. Word on the street is that the 100th episode will include some “epic kisses” for several couples, so we can’t help but think these two crazy kids might be getting back together!

Needless to say, we haven’t been this excited for a Glee episode in a really long time! If you can’t wait until it airs on Tuesday, March 18, click through our gallery to get a sneak peek of Quinn and Puck’s return!