Is Brandi Glanville Quitting Her Podcast After Latest Controversy?
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Brandi Glanville

Is Brandi Glanville Quitting Her Podcast After Latest Controversy?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is no stranger to controversy, as she frequently makes surprising and incendiary comments on her podcast. But is she planning to quit her podcast after the latest brouhaha involving remarks she made about her seven-year-old son?

Earlier this month, Brandi found herself in hot water after referring to son Jake as a "d—k" and an "a—hole" on the podcast. Brandi, in typical Brandi fashion, has refused to apologize for her remarks.

Now, Brandi is addressing the ongoing controversy on Twitter. On June 27, she tweeted, "If you're not an adult with a decent sense of humor please skip my @PodcastOne show because it's not for you & Im not quitting it cuz of haters."

There you go — Brandi is a lot of things, but a quitter apparently isn't one. We think it's great that Brandi will still continue to do her podcast, although she should probably lay off the harsh remarks about her children.

Plus, in response to Wendy Williams calling her a "media hoe" recently, Brandi tweeted, "Well it's BS I am not [a media hoe]. Im excited & eager to be the one interviewing people rather then the other way around #F—KHATERS."

Do you think Brandi should stop doing her podcast?

Source: Brandi on Twitter