Vampire Diaries Quotes From the 100th Episode — “500 Years of Solitude”
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Quotes From the 100th Episode — “500 Years of Solitude”

We normally expect snarky comments from Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev), but in tonight’s milestone episode, we were definitely gifted with some of the best zingers of all time. In Season 5, Episode 11 (“500 Years of Solitude”), our Mystic Falls friends were in rare form, dishing out shade and making us literally laugh out loud.

With familiar faces, death, and super romantic moments, Julie Plec and her gaggle of writers gifted us with some of our favorite quotes of all time. Here are our top one-liners from the 100th episode:


Elena: If anyone is drinking to Katherine’s last days, it’s me.

Looking cute, feeling cute

Katherine: If a girl’s gotta go, it might as well be glamorous, right?

Not getting any?

Caroline: “How am I the only person on the planet not having scandalous sex.”

Just stop, dude

Sheriff Forbes: “Put the pillow down, Damon.”


Klaus: “Hello, Caroline.”

Reunited and it feels so good

Rebekah: “I’m gone not three months and look at the trouble you’re in.”

Mother dearest

Katherine: “Letting my father rip you out of my arms was the biggest regret of my life.”

Bullying isn’t fun, you guys!

Caroline: “Dying sucks as much as it is. There’s no reason to rub anyone’s nose in it.”

She’s a survivor

Elena: “Wow. You really don’t want to die, do you?”

Kinda harsh...

Elena: “I’ll save it for the funeral that we probably won’t have for you.”

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