“Bitch, I Worked at a Bank” Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 3
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America's Next Top Model

“Bitch, I Worked at a Bank” Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 3

The All-Stars from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 are back, and they’re bringing more that just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. The real challenge of the season? If these modelstants can get through an episode without saying something completely insane. (Personally, we’re doubtful.) Check out the funniest, weirdest, fiercest quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 3 “Kristin Cavallari.”

10. Angelea: “Lisa, you suck.”
Oh, Angelea. Always so subtle.

9. Bianca: “I’m afraid of everything.”
And we’re afraid of what you may have sat on in the bathroom during your meltdown.

8. Nigel seems concerned about Lisa: “Do you ever have your photograph taken with your legs together?”
Answer: No.

7. Angelea: “Bitch, I worked at a bank!”
Which makes you qualified for...?

6. Tyra: “Do you know what a Booty Tooch is? It’s when you tooch your booty.”
Thanks for the brilliant definition, Ty.

5. Allison: “I’m excited to have some kind of creature crawl around on our face.”
Why are we not surprised?

4. Tyra: “I wish Bre was smizing. Either doing this, or a buck-eyed crazy smize.”
We don’t even want to know what that might look like.

3. Lisa complains about Bianca: “She’s scared of chihuahuas, she scared of heights. She’s scared of, like, everything.”
Chihuahuas: The most dangerous predator of the Top Model world.

2. Andre: “I feel like I’m in a cinematic moment of something wonderful.”
Only Andre could get away with saying something so beautiful without making any sense.

1. Angelea: “I’m a strong bitch, but I’m a weak bitch.”
Angelea spans the entire bitch spectrum.

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