The Originals Quotes: Season 1, Episode 5 — “I Just Don’t Want to Be What I Am”
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The Originals

The Originals Quotes: Season 1, Episode 5 — “I Just Don’t Want to Be What I Am”

There are many reasons why we have come to know and love The Originals. We love the music, the drama, and, of course, the sharp writing by Julie Plec and her team of writers. Given the fact that they’re competing with The Vampire Diaries and four epic seasons of amazing one-liners, we think The Originals is doing just fine.

In Season 1, Episode 5 (“Sinners and Saints”), we were treated to a few hilarious quips by our favorite New Orleans residents. Check out the top quotes from the episode and hit the comment to let us know if you agree or if you have a submission of your own:

Feeling OK?

Davina: You don’t look well.
Elijah: Well, only this morning I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest, so I’d say I’m holding myself together quite well.

Hocus pocus

Klaus [to Rebekah]: “We had a deal. You protect my unborn child, I dismantle Marcel’s army. Whilst I’ve been busy fulfilling my part of the bargain, you allowed Hayley to be attacked and almost be killed by a gaggle of lunatic witches.”

Don’t cross Klaus

Sophie [to Hayley]: “Already got assaulted by Klaus this morning. I don’t need a repeat.”

Nobody puts Baby in the tomb

Hayley: “Unless you want to lock a hormonal, pregnant werewolf in a tomb, then I’m coming with you.”

Rebekah, the music reviewer

Rebekah [on the phone with Klaus]: “What is all that dreadful hillbilly ruckus in the background?”

Gettin’ dirty

Klaus: “You hypocrite. You torture those witches and yet there you were getting positively Romeo and Juliet with Sophie Deveraux.”
Marcel: “It was a mutually satisfying hookup.”

Drink, drank, drunk

Rebekah: “Just how drunk are you two?”
Klaus: “Skating on the razor’s edge.”

I feel pretty

Klaus: “Where’s Marcel? In there touching up his lipstick?”

On a leash

Rebekah [to Hayley]: “I don’t care if we have to get you a leash, that was your last trip to the bayou.”

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