Pretty Little Liars Quotes: Season 4 Halloween Special — “Do You Always Dress Like Prom Night on the Titanic?”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Quotes: Season 4 Halloween Special — “Do You Always Dress Like Prom Night on the Titanic?”

Pretty Little Liars is back! Well, sort of. The terrifying Halloween episode marked a one-off return that served mostly to escort new spin-off Ravenswood lovingly into our hearts. And while we spent most of the episode half jumping straight out of our skins, there were some definite moments of levity that made us laugh — even if it was just sort of a nervous giggle.

Here are some of our favorite one-liners, two-parters, and just plain random thoughts the Liars and their pals spoke during Season 4, Episode 13 “Grave New World.”

1. It’s hard to be this pretty
Hanna: This girdle is cutting off my air supply
Aria: It’s a corset
Hanna: Whatever, I’m never complaining about a sports bra again

2. Always quick with the observations, Han
Hanna: Man, people have been croaking in this town for a long time

3. You’d think she’d recognize them, being a vegetarian and all
Aria: Are those fingers?
Spencer: They’re mushrooms

4. Great question, newbie
Miranda: You have a car? Uh, why are you on the bus.

5. You have no idea how right you are, girls
Spencer: Where does this go?
Hanna: Hell, just a guess.

6. One of the times we could use a little more from Mr. Rivers
Caleb: I have an uncle too… who turned out to be my father.

7. Try the veal
Aria: A door to a crypt that leads to a tunnel that comes up in a mansion? What kind of zoning laws does this town have?

8. We’ve got a live one, folks! Well, we think so, anyway...
Miranda: If I were trying to kill you, I’d use something better than a phone booth

9. We’ll never let go of that joke, Jack
Miranda: Do you always dress like prom night on the Titanic?

10. You’ve said a lot crazier things than that, for the record
Aria: And what are we supposed to tell people? That our friend who everyone thinks is dead is really alive? Or that we’re trapped in a haunted house?

11. We’re really hoping she’s not referring to Ezra, because ew
Mrs. Grunwald: One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most.

12. Does that make Hanna Baby?
Spencer: One of us knows how to change a tire, right?
Emily: And you’re looking at me because I’m gay?
Aria: No, you’re just the...sporty one

13. And he wasn’t even house-broken!
Miranda: You’re allowed to bring home strays?
Hanna: I’ve done it before

14. Suhhhwoon
Caleb: What was that for?
Hanna: For being the kind of guy I can ask to stay and help a girl that pretty.

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