Top 10 Quotes From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Reunion Part 3: “Witchy F—king Poo”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 10 Quotes From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Reunion Part 3: “Witchy F—king Poo”

The only tough thing about choosing the 10 craziest quotes from this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 reunion is narrowing it down to just 10! Here are our picks for the best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 4 Reunion Part 3.

10. Brandi Glanville [to Lisa, about her being a good friend]: “Yes, and you’ve been a very stty friend at the same time.”

With friends like these...

9. Joyce Giraud [to Yolanda]: “You love to play director.”

Considering that Joyce is an actress, maybe this is a compliment?

8. Kyle Richards: “And now it’s a whole fking season of lies about my husband.”

To be fair, there were lies about a lot of other people, too.

7. Carlton Gebbia [to Kyle]: “You are just trash.”

Carlton keeps it simple.

6. Lisa Vanderpump [about not holding Brandi to an unfair standard]: “I didn’t think Brandi was perfect ever.”

We’re pretty sure Lisa meant this in the nicest way possible.

5. Kyle Richards [to Carlton]: “I don’t care, witchy fking poo.”

The insults are getting quite sophisticated.

4. Brandi Glanville [to Lisa, about Carlton]: “You had no other friends.”

On this show, having one friend is actually a lot.

3. Kyle Richards [to Lisa]: “You acted like I said that you’re beating old ladies on the street, for god’s sake.”

Perhaps that rumor is being saved for Season 5.

2. Lisa Vanderpump [to Joyce, about her husband’s package]: “I would be telling everybody it’s tiny, so nobody would want it.”

Poor Ken.

1. Kyle Richards [to Carlton]: “Everything you say is just like a squawky, dumb noise machine.”

It’s not music to Kyle’s ears.

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