R. Kelly Reveals Extent of Damage to His Atlanta Homes After Burglaries
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R. Kelly Reveals Extent of Damage to His Atlanta Homes After Burglaries


UPDATE (12/09/17 3.30 p.m. ET)

R. Kelly has revealed the extent of the damage done to his Atlanta home after it was burgled last week.

The singer posted a number of videos and pictures to his Instagram account showing the extent of the damage.

In one video, he said, "I'm in my house in Atlanta, where basically they cleaned out my whole house."

He then shows what's left of his living room, which is basically nothing. 

You can see the damage in the video and images below. 


...Still encouraged. Still blessed.

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According to TMZ, two of his Atlanta homes were burgled in back-to-back burglaries over Thanksgiving weekend, and thieves took everything that wasn't nailed down.

The 50-year-old also said in the video, "I wanna thank all my fans for their support.

"This is what happens when you let people get too close to you...people you've known for 25 or 30 years. This is what happens."

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In a second video, he simply stares into the camera, looking disappointed and hurt. 

Police are blaming his close associate Alfonso Walker in connection with the theft.

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ORIGINAL (12/07/17 10.04 a.m. ET)

Bad news for R. Kelly.

The singer’s homes were reportedly burglarized by somebody very close to the star earlier this week.

The star lives in Johns Creek, a well-known neighborhood in Georgia.

According to reports, an associate of the musician broke into the homes he rents in Old Homestead Trail and at Saints Devon Crossing.

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Police are currently on the lookout for a man named Alfonso L. Walker, who is reportedly the suspect.

Alfonso was supposed to turn himself in on Tuesday, December 5, but did not.

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He supposedly took several items and then sold them to the highest bidder.

This all occurred while the 50-year-old was on tour.

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The items are first reported missing on November 26 after a maid came over to clean the house.

She noticed furniture and electronics missing from the home, so she called the “house manager,” who then called the police.

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According to the maid, the entire place had been torn apart and a lot of stuff was gone, including TVs, lamps, sofas, and bar stools.

A diamond encrusted hoodie was even taken from his place.

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In fact, a neighbor saw men loading furniture into vehicles on November 27.

Alfonso apparently believed he was owed money by the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer.

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