Is Glee’s Rachel Attracted to Sam? — Possibly, But Don’t Expect Them to Date!
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Is Glee’s Rachel Attracted to Sam? — Possibly, But Don’t Expect Them to Date!

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Glee’s Rachel (Lea Michele) was in love with Finn (Cory Monteith), and she probably always will be. Finn and Rachel were supposed to end up together. No man will ever replace him in her heart.

Sure, Rachel will likely eventually begin to date again, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. Sources close to the show have said that Rachel won’t get a new boyfriend on Glee in the near future, and that this was at actress Lea Michele’s request. She doesn’t want Rachel to move on too quickly after the loss of Finn.

Is Glee’s Rachel Attracted to Sam? — Possibly, But Don’t Expect Them to Date!
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So when Rachel gave Sam (Chord Overstreet) a few extra glances during Season 5, Episode 6” “Movin’ Out,” we were honestly a bit confused. It’s possible we’re reading way to far into this. But here’s what happened.

During the scene when Sam was in NYC getting photographed for his modeling shots, Rachel gave Sam a look while she was rubbing oil on his chest. She didn’t say anything. It was just a look. But she did seem to be attracted to him. (Then again, we’re talking about shirtless Chord Overstreet covered in oil. Who wouldn’t go a bit weak at the knees?)

She also sang directly to him once or twice group performance of “Just the Way You Are.” Clearly, their dynamic was not supposed to be romantic, and neither Sam nor Rachel’s body language reflected anything other than friendship. Still it was weird to hear them look at each other and sing,“I love you just the way you are.” It came off as platonic, but it still felt a little strange.

At one point in the song, Sam grabbed Rachel and playfully dancing. At the end of the song, she looked into his eyes a little longer than usual, before turning away awkwardly. Even Santana gave her a sort of weird look.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has been very open about the fact that Rachel will struggle with the loss of Finn all season. “It’s not just done, buried and goodbye,” he’s said. And we’re not saying she’s in love with Sam. Not at all. But it does appear like Rachel might be feeling a bit of attraction.

What do you think: Did you notice a hint of something between Sam and Rachel, or are we reading way too far into this?

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