Rachel Lindsay Hits Back at BET For Claiming She “Failed at Scoring the Love of Her Life”
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Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay Hits Back at BET For Claiming She “Failed at Scoring the Love of Her Life”


Rachel Lindsay has been forced to defend her relationship once again.

The Bachelorette star, who got engaged to Bryan Abasolo during last season’s finale, clapped back at a publication after they said the reality star’s relationship is “failing.”

PSA — don’t criticize the Dallas native’s engagement!

The lawyer hit back at BET for judging her relationship to the 37-year-old and called them out on Twitter.

"Come on now @BET. We're still on this. If u want to write an article about me then sit down and interview me,” she wrote on Thursday, October 12.

“Get to know me off camera to."

The article in question was an interview with Eric Bigger, who came in third place during her season.

The piece said the 32-year-old was “epicly failing at scoring the love of her life” on the show.


Needless to say, Rach didn’t appreciate this kind of language.

"U could have written a positive article about [Eric] w/o bashing my relationship and me,” she continued.  

“Your negativity took away from the positivity that is Eric."

However, she has no ill-will towards Eric.

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"But if @BET has to write a negative article about me to tear me down in order to build Eric up, then I'll take that. He is a great guy!"

However, despite being in love, Bryan and Rachel still deal with struggles in their relationship.

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One of the major issues was all the social media hate they received following the finale.

"It was difficult in the beginning," she told Dean Unglert in an episode of his podcast Help! I Suck at Dating.

"Believe it or not, [I'm] actually very private normally with my relationships, and so ... to be attacked on social media and just sometimes in the media, it was really hard individually and just together as a couple.”

But, since they were able to navigate that storm, the couple believes they can get through anything.

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“I think, for us, how we got through it, was just being honest with how it affected us... For us, it was like, 'If we can get through this, then we can get through anything.' Because it was a lot.”

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