Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Want Babies “Sooner Than Later”
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Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Want Babies “Sooner Than Later”


Though it feels like Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo just got engaged, in real time, it’s been a few months since he got down on one knee in the Bachelorette 2017 finale.

Because of that, the Season 13 couple is already off to the races a bit when it comes to wedding planning and thinking about their future.

Sure, they’re still settling on a shared homebase, but why not talk babies, too? Specifically, a timeline and number!

As we just mentioned, Bryan and Rachel are figuring out where they’ll cohabitate — which we’re assuming might get tough, considering she works at a Dallas law firm and he has a chiropractic practice in Miami.

Still, their high-powered jobs haven’t spoiled them from considering both options, as well as a neutral spot like Los Angeles.

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Those logistics are still being worked out, but a tentative wedding date is already on the books.

Bryan revealed earlier this week the two are thinking “next December, maybe early January of ‘19.”

That’s still a ways away — and good for them! — so that had us wondering if they’d pull a Jillian Harris and skip the wedding to have their baby first.

In a surprisingly traditional move, Rachel — who also says she’ll take her fiancé’s last name — is waiting for marriage to start a family.

But it won’t be much longer than that, it sounds like!

"I wouldn't say anytime soon. We definitely want to get married first and enjoy each other,” she tells Us Weekly.

She continues, “But, you know, sooner than later. It's hard to say.”

In other words, we could totally see these two following in Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’s footsteps and getting pregnant soon after their nuptials.

There will be yet another hurdle to overcome once they do start family planning — figuring out how many to have!

The 37-year-old hunk admits this has been the “one argument” they keep returning to.

He explains, “She wants four with the fourth being an accident down the line and I want three. And she'll probably win in the end and we'll have four."

"We’re having four,” she confirms.

However many children they have, they’re bound to be cute — just look at the baby Live! predicts the two will have, according to an app:

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In the meantime, these two have their hands full with Rachel’s animal baby, dog Copper.

The pup is so important to the 32-year-old, one of her first post-Bachelorette brand partnerships was with BarkBox for their Target launch.

For that, she shared all of her experiences as the owner of a pup who’s a little rambunctious, or what they call a “thrasher.”


They’re clearly going to have a lot of co-parenting practice with that one.

When it comes to human babies, there’s also the Bachelorette’s adorable toddler nephew Alistair, whom fans met on the show.

Plus, her sister just gave birth to her other baby nephew Hendrix.

The little one arrived right around the Bachelorette finale taping, and she can’t stop posting pictures of him since.

I love my new little nephew and clearly so does Copper!!! #HendrixZane #babyfever #familygoals #cantwait

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Girlfriend is already a natural!

Can’t wait to see what comes next for the future Mr. and Mrs. Abasolo and their growing family.