Rachel Lindsay Shuts Down DeMario For a Second Time: “I’m Looking For a Man”
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The Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay Shuts Down DeMario For a Second Time: “I’m Looking For a Man”


All hail Rachel Lindsay!

The Bachelorette 2017 star proved she’s the most badass, take-no-prisoners lead we’ve ever had in tonight’s Episode 3 when she shut down returning contestant DeMario Jackson for a second time.

We picked up at the start of the ep with Rachel — while the rest of her Season 13 contestants looked on — giving DeMario “a chance to explain himself” for hiding his secret girlfriend.

“I just wanted to say that yesterday, I completely f—ked up,” he starts. “One of your mottos is keep it real, and I didn’t keep it real with you.

He continues, “Yes, I did mess up with the Lexi situation by not being 100 percent truthful with you and with her. I was just being caught completely off-guard.

“What I’m saying right now is that I want to move forward from this. I understand that your trust is something that I may not be able to have right now, but I want to be able to have that trust back,” the Cali hunk finishes.

He goes on to say that, in coming back, he hoped he’d be allowed back into Bachelor Mansion.


“One of my favorite quotes is, ‘In order to experience joy, you need pain.’ I realized these faults last night not being able to sleep,” he muses.

“And so, I’m begging this from the bottom of my entire heart, will you please give me another chance to come into this house. Because I feel like you and I really can be something.”

It’s right then that the 32-year-old put an end to his sad rambling. And her response is a true thing of beauty worth examining.

“I’m not saying that what you’re saying is not true — I just need you to understand, I need a man that when they’re confronted with a difficult situation, they don’t start lying about it,” she begins.

“I need someone who owns their mistakes when they’re presented to them. I gave you time after time after time — standing in that gym looking like a damn fool — to give you an opportunity to explain yourself.”

The attorney states, “To be honest with you, if you had been like, ‘You know what, Rachel, I f—ked up. This is what the situation was right before I got here, but this is why I did it,’ you honestly probably would’ve been in the mansion right now.

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“But that’s not what you did. And what I saw in the gym yesterday? That was a boy. I’m looking for a man, and I feel like I have some amazing men in that house who are here for me.”

You tell him, girl!

The best line ever was still come, though, as she turned the bad boy’s words against him.

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“I’m glad that you’ve realized that you should move forward, but I need you to know that forward isn’t that way through the mansion, forward is outside of it,” she says coldly. Zing!

“I’m glad this has been a life lesson, I’m glad that you gave me the quote about the joy and the pain,” she follows up.

“I hope that the pain that you’ve gotten from this gives you joy somewhere else, it’s just not here right now,” she concludes, before a final, “Thank you.”

Dayum! That’s some cutthroat stuff right there, and we love it!

She tells the cameras afterwards, “DeMario had nothing to contribute to the conversation other than begging to give him another chance.


It was just a waste of my time and it was a waste of the guys’ time that are still here.”

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