Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly on Getting Pregnant: “We’re Definitely Trying” — Exclusive
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Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly on Getting Pregnant: “We’re Definitely Trying” — Exclusive

When Big Brother power couple Rachel Reilly and hubby husband Brendon Villegas joined The Amazing Race: All-Stars this year, they did so promising that if they walked away with the title, they’d gift the world with a Brenchel baby. So when the reality couple came in third place (again) in last night’s finale, it seemed like all hope for the fabled babe was lost — or is it?

Brendon and Rachel exclusively spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment about their time on The Amazing Race, their poor luck with taxi drivers, and if there’s any chance they’ll go ahead with their baby plans even though they didn’t come out on top. Read on for the scoop about our favorite reality TV athletes!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You guys were partying it up at The Mirage with the Amazing Race cast last night. What’s your relationship like with those guys?

Rachel Reilly: We don’t talk to Jen and Caroline and we don’t talk to Dave and Connor, but besides that, I feel like we’re pretty close with everyone in the cast. I have no desire to ever talk to those four again. Like, if I see them in person, I will walk the other way.

The taxi drivers you guys got during the last leg of the race really affected your chances of winning.

Rachel: Oh my gosh, yes. Our taxi was so slow. We were on the freeway headed to the Neon Graveyard and we had to tell her to turn right. The GPS told her five times, the signs all said turn right, and we had to tell her to turn right, and she just wouldn’t. She was driving 30 MPH on the freeway — worst taxi driver ever!

Brendon: I’m surprised they didn’t show it, but she almost drove into the median on the freeway.

Rachel: Literally.

And you guys even tried to steal Jen and Caroline’s taxi to no avail…

Rachel: We were so mad! We were trying to steal their taxi driver because they had a good one and you know on The Amazing Race that can either make or break you. There were no other taxis around, so we thought if we could take their cab it would have been great because they would have been with the crappy cab driver and we would have had the good one. If we had gotten their cab, we would have probably jumped out in front of everyone else. But he wouldn’t take the bait.

Brendon: Yeah, I was offering him a lot of money, but he wasn’t taking it for anything. No matter how much I was offering, he wasn’t going to do it.

Even the promise of a Brenchel baby couldn’t sway him!

Brendon: It didn’t work and it was sad because it was true. People make fun of us because they’re like, ‘You guys are greedy, $1 million to have a baby.’ Listen, we live in L.A. If you want to search for a house for us, go ahead.

Rachel: It’s so expensive in L.A. and my husband is still getting his Ph.D, so a million dollars would have been nice.

So no development on Operation: Brenchel Baby yet?

Rachel: Well, we are definitely trying, so maybe we’ll get pregnant soon. We’re hoping! We are actively trying, but we have not gotten pregnant yet.

There you have it folks! No baby just yet — but hopefully soon! Are you ready for a Brenchel baby? Hit the comments and sound off! And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Part 2 of our chat with Rachel and Brendon!

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