Rachel Gets the Part: She’s Starring in Broadway’s Funny Girl!
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Rachel Gets the Part: She’s Starring in Broadway’s Funny Girl!

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is about to become a Broadway star! Just when it looked like Glee’s diva darling had lost all hopes of landing the starring role of Fanny in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl, everything changed. The Funny Girl casting director informed Rachel that she had been given the part. Against all odds, Rachel Berry is on her way to stardom.

It all went down in the final moments of Glee Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds.” Rachel hadn’t heard back about the role, and after hearing such negative feedback for her chemistry audition, she was convinced that the role of Fanny had gone to someone else.

Rachel Gets the Part: She’s Starring in Broadway’s Funny Girl!
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Still, she, Kurt, and Santana made a pact to stick it out in New York City for two more years. Sure, fame wasn’t going to just drop in their laps, but they were determined to chase after their dreams with all their might.

As soon as Rachel had made that choice... fame dropped in her lap. (Funny how that works. Thanks, Glee!)

Moments after the three make their pact, Rachel gets a call to go wait on the table of Funny Girl’s casting director (played by Peter Facinelli; oh hey, Carlisle Cullen). He orders a cake — a whole one — but with one specification.

“I need you to write something on it for me, can you do that? I want you to write ‘Congratulations Rachel Berry, you are Fanny Brice.’”

Insert massive amounts of squeals, dancing, and Kurt-Rachel-Santana hugs. All of Rachel Berry’s dreams are about to come true! (Too bad she’ll face a heartbreaking tragedy in just one week, whenFinn (Cory Monteith) passes away unexpectedly.)

Usually, we’d gripe and moan about how unrealistic this is. But knowing that the love of Rachel’s life is about to pass away, we’re not going to complain about her getting the part. In the face of such a life-altering event, she’s going to need a bit of sunshine to help get her through.

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