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Kim Kardashian Target of Racist Insults During Vienna Opera Ball (VIDEO)

Ugh, you guys. These are the kind of stories that make us lose faith in humanity. We mean, we love to hate on Kim Kardashian with the best of 'em, but new reports out of Vienna have us totally rooting for Kimmy K and seriously questioning the level of class required to attend an opera ball.

If you haven’t heard yet, Kim recently accompanied wealthy businessman Richard Lugner to the very posh Vienna Opera Ball. Not surprisingly, she was totally gorgeous, wearing a two-toned cut-out dress that made Kim look as pretty as a princess. Unfortunately, however, she wasn’t exactly treated like one.

Kim’s date for the event, 81-year-old Richard, has a history of paying different hot young celebrities to spend the evening on his arm (Kim supposedly earned $500,000). In the past, Richard’s had the likes of Carmen Electra and Paris Hilton join him, but we’ve never heard of him being as rude to those starlets as he was to Kim. Splash News and both say Richard told photographers Kim was “annoying” him because she wasn’t “sticking to the program.”

In even worse news, TMZ reports Kim was approached by a stranger wearing blackface, pretending to be her fiancé, Kanye West. You’d think that in 2014 everyone and their brother would know blackface is not OK. Ever. Kim reportedly handled the horrible insult like a champ, walking away from the situation and from the racist jerk, who, by the by, insists via TMZ he isn’t racist, just funny.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of evening’s nasty surprises. Later, a man supposedly approached Kim and asked her to dance. She declined, saying she wasn’t a good dancer, and, instead of being a human being about it, the dude dropped the N-word. And that’s when we hear Kim and her fellow guest, momager Kris Jenner, decided enough’s enough and left the event.

Cameras for Keeping Up With The Kardashians were said to be rolling the whole time but no word yet if we’ll see Kim’s night from hell on E!.

Sources:, TMZ (February 27), TMZ (February 28)

02.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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