Dancing With The Stars

Radio Hosts Slam Dancing With the Stars — Did They Go Too Far?

It’s no secret that Dancing With the Stars isn’t the No. 1 show on television, but we don’t love it because it’s popular. It’s genuinely fun to watch the stars week after week as they improve their dancing skills, and the glitz and glamour of the ballroom doesn’t hurt, either.

However, not everyone agrees with us, and that was exemplified during some of Dish Nation’s daily radio shows. In the video above, the hosts of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and The Heidi and Frank Show bash DWTS... because they haven’t watched it! There is one staffer who does watch the show and has a few constructive comments about the show’s budget and cutting the Tuesday night results show, but even she says some rude things about the cast.

While she loves judge Bruno Tonioli for his “hot polka” and unpredictable behavior, she just refers to Len Goodman as “the old guy” and says they should keep Carrie Ann Inaba around just because she has a fun name to say. She then goes on to claim that Cheryl Burke is “out,” though the pro just said,” As long as Dancing With the Stars wants to have me, I'll be there." Seems like some fact-checking is in order...

After that, another co-host says she wants it to be “Dancing With the Celebrity Rehab Stars” so the cast will just “pass out, and their partner would just have to carry around a body.” Her colleague then suggests taking the show to the 405 highway and calling it “Dancing With the Cars” for drama. They seem to be the only ones laughing.

In the next segment, they talk about how the show has become too expensive and one host jokes, “Imagine how expensive it would be if they had real stars.” We understand that these aren’t A-listers, but still — that’s not the premise of the show. One co-host certainly didn’t understand that, ranting, “I don’t care to watch mildly famous people compete against mildly famous people for something they’re not mildly famous for.”

What do you think, DWTS fans? Were they out of line, or do you agree with any of their comments? Sound off below!