Ralph Macchio Gets Lowest Scores for 2 Painful Dances! DWTS Season 12, Week 8
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Dancing With The Stars

Ralph Macchio Gets Lowest Scores for 2 Painful Dances! DWTS Season 12, Week 8

If ever anyone needed sympathy votes, it’s the injured Ralph Macchio and his ruptured Baker's cyst. He and his Dancing With the Stars partner Karina Smirnoff said they only had about nine hours of rehearsal time for their two Season 12, Week 8 dances — a Viennese Waltz that Karina had been so looking forward to, and Instant Cha-Cha-Cha that they basically had to blow off because they didn’t have time to deal with it.

Ralph ended the Performance Show with a two-dance combined score of 46 out of 60, well below the highest score of the night, 55 out of 60, which went to Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas.

In other news, the Instant Dances were as fun as ever, Len Goodman was actually the nice judge of the evening and Kirstie Alley got herself bleeped out. No “sh-t”!

Read on for a full recap of Week 8:

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas — Slow Waltz to "My Love" by Sia Furler — During rehearsals, Chelsea basically tells Mark to simma down because she thinks his frustration with the scores reflects poorly on her and makes her seem like she thinks she’s entitled to more. She’s very image-conscious. They start their Waltz lying on the ground in a creative beach visual. The Waltz is shrouded in a kind of red light. Mark needs to start choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance on the side. He’s ready to stretch outside this box. For some reason, American Idol’s Casey Abrams is now in the audience. Is Pia Toscano not there? That looks like Nick Jonas is there to support Chelsea. Len Goodman said occasionally Mark & Chelsea put too much emphasis on the story and it became a little too theatrical. He said that was not a criticism, though. Sounded like one! But overall he liked it. Bruno Tonioli loved the dance and called it “fabulous” with contemporary touches. Carrie Ann Inaba said Chelsea brought out a mature sophistication and she earned perfection. Scores: 10, 9, 10 = 29 out of 30. They are the first couple this season to get two 10s.

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson — Foxtrot to "This Will Be” by Natalie Cole — They seem to be targeting Ralph. They tied with him last week and they are modeling their Foxtrot after his. Their routine is “cheesy” (Hines’ word) and exaggerated, but in a sweet, wholesome way. They’re so cute. Bruno screams “Yes!” He said the routine was beaming with a blissful sense of happiness. Bruno compared Hines to Fred Astaire. Carrie Ann went for Gene Kelly. Len said Hines’ dancing has great appeal and his personality just radiates. “It’s just a joyful experience to watch you.” However, Len said his feet were a little bit off. (Boo!) Scores: 9, 9, 10 = 28 out of 30.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower — Tango to "Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears — Chelsie was stressing this week because she was struggling with a vision for their Tango. Romeo knows this could be his last dance. Someone should’ve stressed about Chelsie’s bizarre red coat. There are weird green strobe lights trying to make it look like a club floor or something. Carrie Ann said Romeo was dancing like he really meant it. Their intensity is incredible. She called it one of his best routines ever. Len said last week Romeo needed to up his game and that’s what he did. Bruno said Romeo danced like a real man — strong, dark, handsome, and convincing. Scores: 9, 9, 9 = 27 out of 30.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff — Viennese Waltz to "Maybe I Maybe You” by Scorpions— Karina has a dark, edgy vision for her Viennese Waltz. But Ralph injured himself this week. He’s been feeling acute pain in the back of his knee. He ended up missing a few days of rehearsals due to a ruptured Baker’s cyst. Somehow this was good news, according to the doctor. Back in rehearsals, Ralph was still in major pain when the injury flared up even worse than before. Ralph said it felt like someone was stabbing him with a knife in the back of the knee. Normally at that point they would’ve done 40 hours of rehearsals, but because of his injury they had only done nine. The smoke machine was back, but very subtle. Ralph looks good out there. Len said that was the adrenaline of the dance. For someone who had limited time to practice, he did well. But it lacked polish. Bruno said they were like vampire lovers dancing from dusk till dawn. Carrie Ann said Ralph inspired a lot of people as the Karate Kid and that spirit lives on. It’s hard to dance in pain and he did it with grace, but he did have a few moments where it took away from the performance. Scores: 8, 8, 9 = 25 out of 30.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy — Argentine Tango — Kirstie kept falling in rehearsals, tripping over everything. She has very little control. Maks said she needs to move her feet faster. She also needs to each more since she’s only eating 1,400 calories a day. Or a week. Who knows. However, she does look sexy in this Argentine Tango, which has nice accordion-heavy instrumental music. Looks like Kristin Chenoweth in the audience. Bruno called her vampish, sensual, and sultry with a hint of aggression. Her footwork was brilliant. Carrie Ann said she felt like real life was being acted out in front of her. Her movement quality has grown. She finally topped her Cha-Cha. Len said the Argentine Tango is about creating an atmosphere and mood and they captured that. It was a hot dance and Len was surprised Maks only took his hat off. True! Take more off next week, man. Scores: 9, 9, 10 = 28 out of 30.


Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas — Instant Salsa to "Get Busy” by Sean Paul — Since Chelsea was nervous about her Instant Dance, Mark brought in Kyle Massey, who rocked his Instant Dance last season. He had the most fun with that. She’s going to channel her inner Kyle Massey. (Is he living with her inner Bristol Palin?) They had a “jumped cue” and the dance started too soon, but once again, they look like they were always meant to dance to this song. The music is perfect. Unlike Mark’s green socks. Len said her Waltz was cool and her Salsa was hot. Bruno said they only had 20 minutes and they added so many steps. They set the bar very, very high. Carrie Ann didn’t feel their connection to the music. She’s nuts. Scores: 8, 9, 9 = 26 out of 30. Total of 55 out of 60. They pretend they love their scores.

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson — Instant Jive to "Chantilly Lace” by Jerry Lee Lewis — Hines looked stressed in rehearsals. He was struggling and Kym has never done an Instant Dance before. Once again, they seemed connected to the music. From here, anyway. We’ll see what Carrie Ann thinks. Side note: No one is doing enough lifts this season. Bruno said it was like watching Mr. Happy Feet. All of his kicks and flicks were flat-footed like a penguin. Carrie Ann said they did an amazing job. She thought Hines was on every beat. Scores: 9, 9, 8 = 26 out of 30. Total of 54 out of 60. The crowd booed for Bruno’s 8.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower — Instant Salsa to "Tequila” by Xavier Cugat — Chelsie took Romeo to a club and had him Salsa with random women. Tough job! Carrie Ann said it felt casual, but a little off and they got out of sync. Len chided Bruno and Carrie Ann for being nasty tonight. It’s always funny when he tries to play nice guy. He loved the dance. Bruno said the Salsa is all about the fluidity of movement and they lost it. In the Celebriquarium, Romeo plugged his movie again. Every chance he gets! Scores: 8, 9, 8 = 25 out of 30. Total of 52 out of 60.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff — Instant Cha-Cha-Cha to "Stuck in the Middle” by Stealers Wheel — Ralph and Karina haven’t even touched their Cha-Cha-Cha, since they spent their nine hours of rehearsals on their Viennese Waltz. They are banking on using their team moves from last week. Len said he admired Ralph’s perseverance but when you’re not 100 percent and you have two dances, something has to give. And it was this dance. Bruno said the Cha-Cha is all about hip action, but because of his injury he didn’t have any and he lost it a bit at the end. Carrie Ann said it was amazing that he could pull that off. The hip action wasn’t there, but she did notice a new kind of energy. Scores: 7, 7, 7 = 21 out of 30. Total of 46 out of 60.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy — Instant Salsa to "Cobrastyle” by Teddybears — Maks said Kirstie has the biggest hips on the show and he wants her to showcase it. (That’s not going to help her diet issue!) Maks got frustrated (again) in rehearsals. He ripped his microphone off because he didn’t want to dance with it on or something. She’s shaking it out there, but not moving very quickly. Maks and his bubble butt are definitely working it, though. Bruno called her a vixen. He liked that they did a smooth, traditional Salsa but they lost sync. Then Kirstie shouted “Sh-t!” and it got bleeped out. Carrie Ann like their chemistry, but it can be dangerous. Still, it’s riveting to watch. (True!) Len said it was a slower, more rhythmic Salsa and it lacked a bit of impact. But it was oily (eww!) and her hips were moving. Scores: 8, 9, 8 = 25 out of 30. Total of 53 out of 60.

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