Ramona Singer on Divorcing Mario: “The Man Today Is Not the Man I Married”
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Ramona Singer on Divorcing Mario: “The Man Today Is Not the Man I Married”

Andy Cohen may have failed to get Ramona Singer to open up about her 22-year marriage to Mario Singer during the Real Housewives of New York reunion, but she’s not keeping quiet any longer. After officially announcing the split on August 7, Ramona talked to Us Weekly about her side of the story and she revealed some very interesting details.

For nearly a year, the 57-year-old Upper East Side lady has been putting up with rumors of her husband’s infidelity; Mario was first linked to socialite Kasey Dexter, 32, back in 2013. However, Ramona always kept a brave face on and refused to acknowledge these murmurs publicly. She eventually reached a breaking point in January 2014, though, and even briefly filed for divorce. But out of respect for their 19-year-old daughter Avery and their longtime marriage, the wine connoisseur decided to give things another try.

“We were working very hard on our relationship and making great progress,” Ramona tells Us. What were they doing? Apparently they had been in therapy for 15 weeks, leading up to that final breakup. “It was really working well, and then I got the feeling that he started seeing [Kasey Dexter] again.”

Instead of ignoring her instincts, Ramona confronted Mario, 60, during a July 23 therapy session. At the time, he denied everything. But with some persistence on Ramona’s end, Mario admitted the morning after therapy that he had seen Kasey again. And that was enough for the Housewife to end things for once and for all.

“I just said, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye,’” she recounts, adding that she kicked him out of both of their homes that very day. “I left him a note saying, ‘Please don’t come to the house in the Hamptons, and please get an apartment. I don’t want to see you anymore.’ And that was it. He kept calling me and calling me, but I wouldn’t take his calls.”

So where is Mario now? Ramona has “no idea” where he has taken up residence — we have some theories — but she does know there’s no chance for a reconciliation. “I would never reconcile with him. No chance. I believe in marriage. I gave him a second chance, and he betrayed me and our daughter. You just don’t do that.”

Not only that, she says she barely recognizes the businessman she fell in love with decades ago. “I married a traditional man, a God-fearing man — high morals, high scruples, believes in family and tradition. This man today is not the man I married.”

As crazy as it all sounds — and it appears that she’s still dealing with drama — Ramona seems at peace (even relieved!) about the whole thing. “I was walking on eggshells. I have closure now. You give someone a chance, and if they can’t change, you have to go on with your life.”

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Source: Us Weekly