Ramona Singer Dishes on Her First Valentine’s Day Since Splitting With Mario
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Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer Dishes on Her First Valentine’s Day Since Splitting With Mario

Ramona Singer may be celebrating her first Valetine’s Day in over two decades as a single woman, but don’t worry about her spending the most romantic day of the year at home crying into a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

The Real Housewives of New York star, who recently filed for divorce from husband Mario after 22 years of marriage, isn’t wasting any time getting back out there.

Ramona tells Life & Style that she’s already got plans for Valentine’s Day, and we can only imagine the evening will involve more than a little much-needed Turtle Time.

I'm going out to dinner [with my girlfriends],” says the RHONY star.

Ramona, who made the decision to end her marriage after rumors about Mario’s affair with younger woman Kasey Dexter hit the papers, says that, despite her divorce drama, the upcoming season of RHONY is hardly a tear-jerker.

“You're going to see us having fun, you're going to see fights — but nothing gets too dark,” she reveals.

So how can the season stay so light while Ramona’s relationship is ending? Blame a distinct lack of camera time for Ramona’s estranged spouse.

“[Mario] will hardly be in the upcoming season,” an insider reveals. “They were basically separated during the entire course of filming. Their daughter, Avery, is away at college in Atlanta, and Ramona has been living alone in the New York City apartment for months.”

Source: Life & Style