Ramona Singer’s Daughter Refuses to See Dad Mario in Light of Affair — Report
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Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer’s Daughter Refuses to See Dad Mario in Light of Affair — Report

As yet another member of The Real Housewives of New York, original cast member Ramona Singer, turns into a real divorcee, she’s finding support from members of her inner circle.

The 57-year-old reality star’s daughter, Avery, is reportedly lending her mother a shoulder to cry on as her divorce proceedings from husband Mario begin.

Mario, who effectively ended the couple’s marriage when news of his affair with 30-something Kasey Dexter broke, is being snubbed by his daughter for his alleged dalliance during one of her infrequent trips home from college. Sources close to the couple claim that Avery is spending plenty of quality time with Ramona, but won’t give Mario the time of day.

She flew home specifically to see her mom and make sure she’s okay,” an insider reveals to RadarOnline.com. “This has been tough for both of them—and Avery made it a point NOT to see her dad.”

Avery, who has referred to Ramona as the “best mom in the world” on social media since the split, may be broken up over her parents’ impending divorce, but Ramona has reportedly tried to cushion the blow.

While Ramona reportedly knew about her husband’s cheating long before she ended their lengthy union, she waited until RHONY cameras were long gone before filing for divorce — all so Avery wouldn’t have to see it play out on TV.

Is it OK for Avery to pick sides in her parents’ divorce, in light of Mario’s cheating scandal, or should she support both of her parents during this difficult time?

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