Bachelor 2014: Rank Your Favorite Season 18 Contestants!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Rank Your Favorite Season 18 Contestants!

Every season on The Bachelor, we meet a new crop of lady loves, set on becoming Mrs. Bachelor in a frothy wedding, complete with television appearances and probably a book deal at some point. This year, it’s 27 girls’ turns to get a crack at hunky single dad Juan Pablo Galavis. And while we’ve grown a little attached to some of the ladies, we’re still flexible on choosing his future wife, because we’re generous like that.

But since we love a little groupthink in the mix, we’ve partnered with our friends over at Ranker to put together a fancy-pants ranking system to measure our preferences. Which, we’re positive, is very important to Juan Pablo. After all, as Gretchen Wieners explained, “You might think you like someone… but you could be wrong.”

So, on behalf of everybody in America, let’s band together and do what we do best: judge people. It’s up to you how you prepare yourself for this difficult task. Are you a looks person? Picking the prettiest hair or come hither-est eyes? Do you judge by style, going through each lady’s official pics or Instagram shots to decide the winner based on clothing and jewelry you want to populate your closet? Or are you a feeling person, with a gut idea fueling your fire?

Whatever your style, it’s all fair in love and ranking. So go forth, friendsicles, and let’s find our dear Juan Pablo an esposa that is up to snuff. Need a refresher? Check out our gallery below.

Rank Your Favorite Ladies from Bachelor 2014

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