Pretty Little Liars: Ranking Rosewood’s Best Villains
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Ranking Rosewood’s Best Villains

Pretty much everyone on Pretty Little Liars is a potential villain, but villainy is an art form, and while some of the baddies in Rosewood have the style, smarts, and effectiveness to call themselves a worthy antagonist, others fall decidedly short. Here is our ranking of Rosewood’s villains, from worst to best!

8. Shana

Sorry, Shana. We had high hopes for you as a villain, but thus far, your chief jobs seem to be leading Jenna around and acting as official villain courier. In the summer finale, Shana’s storyline was a) forwarding Wren’s shit to London (and doing a terrible job at it) and b) delivering some sort of message to Mona’s B&B weekend retreat. As far as villainy goes, you barely rank.

7. Jenna

Jenna used to be a way better villain. She was mysterious, vengeful, and seemed to know way more about what the heck was going on than the Liars did and she did all of this blind. Since, Jenna has lost much of her bite as a potential villain. She can’t seem to do anything without lapdog Shana, threw her lot in with Wilden and Melissa, and was nearly drowned in a recent ep. If a villain is judged by the power she wields, then Jenna has gone from Voldemort to Wormtail in no time flat (yes, that was a Harry Potter reference).

6. CeCe

Up until the summer finale, CeCe would have been much higher on this list. After all, she seemed to be pulling the strings of the entire operation. Now, we’re not so sure what her role is. Uber “A” seems to be paying her, but for what? Spying on Ezra, who may or may not be Uber “A” himself? Seems like a crap job to us. We will give CeCe credit for her awesome ability to disappear into thin air, whether it be from the town of Rosewood or from near certain death.

5. Ezra

Perhaps Ezra will rank higher on this list once we know he is, in fact, a villain, but right now we’re too unsure of his motives and goals to judge his effectiveness. Still, the guy needs to be granted some villain points for having kept whatever shady business he is up to secret from Aria and the other Liars. Also, for the black hat. And if that is indeed Ezra’s lair we saw him storm into at the end of the summer finale, then Ezra is going to earn some serious villain cred.

4. Wren

Everyone knows the best villains can be the ones that are smooth and charming on the surface, but hide a dangerously dark side. Like Ezra, we’re still not sure enough of Wren’s actions to say he is a good villain, but he did surprise us with his clever manipulations to get Veronica Hastings off of Ashley Marin’s case. If Wren is capable of duping a Hastings, then he is a formidable villain.

3. Melissa

Of course, there’s always the possibility Wren was acting on someone else’s orders (i.e. Melissa’s), making the Veronica con more of a Hastings vs. Hastings situation. We sort of believe Melissa when she tells Spencer that she has been trying to protect her, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think Melissa could be a total villain. She’s lied to the Liars since Day One, been attached to most of the bullies in Rosewood (i.e. Ian, Garrett, and Wilden), and is just too manipulative to be up to any good. We haven’t figured out what Melissa’s game is yet, but she has the smarts, skills, and flexible moral compass to be a terrifying villain.

2. Uber “A”

As far as we know, Uber “A” is one of the other people on this list, but we’re going to give the master villain her (his?) own slot as well just because Uber “A” is So. Darn. Scary. No one has Rosewood wrapped around her finger like this Big Baddie, who seems to be everywhere and see everything. We’re not sure how far-reaching Uber “A”’s villainy is, but we wouldn’t be surprised of anything at this point.

1. Mona

Though Uber “A” may have the market on all-out villainy, Mona handles her misdeeds with panache. Which is why we adore Mona, the ex-nerd who has proven to have some serious power when it comes to manipulating everyone in Rosewood (including the Liars). We love Mona’s witty one-liners, her smart, and her ability to keep us guessing. Last we saw her, Mona was tucked away at some bed-and-breakfast, getting some solid hours in on her most recent knitting project while Shana plays minion. Basically, Mona does whatever the hell she wants. We’re still not convinced Mona ever gave up the “A” mantle and joined Team Liars. We’re kind of hoping she didn’t. Because she makes the Best. Villain. Ever.

Who do you think the best villain in Rosewood is? Sound off in the comments below!

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