Rapper DMX Runs Naked Around Hotel — Watch the Bizarre NSFW Video
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Rapper DMX Runs Naked Around Hotel — Watch the Bizarre NSFW Video

DMX must’ve lost his mind, up in here, up in here. The 42-year-old rapper was caught on video at a Detroit hotel last weekend doing what people do: Running around the halls… naked.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, DMX (aka Earl Simmons) is spotted walking around in the halls in just his boxers and socks (sexytime). Then, all of a sudden for who knows what reason, he ducks over to the left side of the shot, drops trou (or, what was left of his bottoms, anyway), and then runs around the halls completely naked — except for his socks, of course.

Meanwhile, some poor hotel worker is just doing her job, pulling a room service cart from the hallway. At one point, she walks down the hall where DMX left his boxers, and he streaks after her to re-clothe himself.

X’s publicist, Domenick Nati, issued the following statement after the incident:

"DMX was a Detroit hotel with his DJ (DJ NonStop) and his road manager (Montana) before his performance with Eve and Lil Kim on August 31st. X and the team were killing time at the hotel before the concert and dared each other to streak in the hallway. No one was aware that security cameras were rolling and it was just a playful dare between friends."

Source: TMZ / Nati Celebrity Services

09.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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