Rapper Receives Backlash After Showing a White Child Being Lynched in Music Video
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Rapper Receives Backlash After Showing a White Child Being Lynched in Music Video


Rapper XXXTentacion has come under fire for his new music video for his song, “Look At Me!”

The video features a small white child being lynched while a young African-American boy looks on.

Though the video is meant to depict a message, most viewers think the video was in poor taste.

In the video, the 19-year-old rapper places the white child’s head into a noose on stage in front of a crowded theater, before hoisting him into the air.

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The child’s feet are then seen dangling and twitching, until they eventually stop moving.

The casting director of the video, LaShawnna Stanley, told Fox News the “little white boy and black boy show innocence.”

Additionally, the message of the video was to show how society has become desensitized to seeing black men being hung and shot, compared to how seeing a white child hung is shocking.

Despite the message, it was unsurprisingly difficult for them to find a child whose parent was okay with the lynching scene.

“I called a lot of parents,” LaShawnna said. “It was a direct booking. No one was okay with their white child getting lynched.”

However, they were eventually able to find a mom who “understood the vision.”

LaShawnna also noted that XXX was “very lovely to the kids,” but that didn’t make people feel any better about the video.

“Hanging Children from a Rope? This rapper .@xxxtentacion is sick! [sic]” one person tweeted. “Who signed their kids up for this?”

“Horrific! A newly released ‘music’ video called Look At Me by XXXTENTACION depicts a White child being hanged/lynched by a Black man,” another person wrote.

However, many people defended the video, noting that the video also shows violence against African Americans as well.

“Glad you guys are triggered bout white boy hanging rather than him and the 14 y/o teenager (Emmett Till) hanging earlier in the music video [sic],” one person said.

Though XXX hasn’t directly responded to the criticism yet, he’s been retweeting positive feedback to the video.

You can watch the full music video above and let us know your thoughts on it below.