Grey’s Anatomy: A Rare Look at Alex’s Deplorable Kitchen (PHOTO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: A Rare Look at Alex’s Deplorable Kitchen (PHOTO)

Let’s be honest: We never pegged Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) for the kind of guy to live in a place that’s actually, you know, livable. We already saw Jo (Camilla Luddington) remind him that he needed things like furniture when he first took over Meredith’s childhood home, but we can’t expect the guy to change overnight.

And now that Camilla’s given us an behind-the-scenes peek into Alex’s pantry, we’re actually the least surprised we could possibly be.

“Can we just discuss the food Alex Karev keeps in his kitchen… not 1 vegetable,” Camilla tweeted alongside a photo from inside Alex’s kitchen. Things Alex has in stock: one million packs of Ramen, a huge box of Saltine crackers, and several bags of potato chips. Things Alex does not have in stock: edible food.

Ramen? Really? Dude, you’re a surgeon, not a starving college student. Spring for some real food! Buy a crock pot. You can put together a nutritionally balanced meal in the morning and come home after a long day in the OR to dinner practically on the table for you.We’ve gotta say, though, it’s impressive how detailed the Grey’s crew is in their set design. Unless we’re going to see a scene centered around the fact that Alex is a terribly unhealthy eater, that is. If not, we love the fact that even the characters’ kitchens are filled with the types of foods they’d buy at the grocery store.

Maybe Jo will be the one to turn Alex’s bachelor-like habits around? We’ll find out soon!

Are you surprised at the contents of Alex’s pantry? Share some easy recipes he might try below!

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Grey’s Anatomy: A Rare Look at Alex’s Deplorable Kitchen (PHOTO)
Credit: Twitter