Rasheeda Frost’s Mom Tells Her She Might Have to Do WHAT to Kirk Frost?! (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Rasheeda Frost’s Mom Tells Her She Might Have to Do WHAT to Kirk Frost?! (VIDEO)

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost are still trying to work their way back toward a better marriage on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, and from the way things are going on the show, these two still have a lot to work on… especially with Rasheeda’s mom, Shirleen, bringing her own brand of confusion. In this unaired clip, Shirleen tells her daughter to possibly separate from Kirk or she’ll just have to do a drive-by.

While recalling the events from two episodes ago, Rasheeda tells her mom that she and her ride-or-die friend, Kalenna Harper, took a trip to the bar that Kirk frequents to have a candid conversation with the waitress, Jasmine, Kirk invited to be his son’s nanny. Rasheeda goes on to tell her mother that she’s not at all happy with the state of affairs with Kirk, and that she even wakes up just feeling unhappy.

“You gotta make him understand that he can’t keep doing that stuff. I mean if he bringing a lil’ young chick in the house, that’s crazy. That’s something that you… you just don’t do,” Shirleen tells Rasheeda, later advising that the two have a “good long marriage talk and make some decisions.”

At the end of the day, Rasheeda says that she just wants Kirk to “man up,” while her mother suggests that Kirk and Rasheeda separate. This is when Rasheeda tells her mother that she and Kalenna are planning a trip to New Orleans without their husbands.

“What I will need is you to hold the fort down for me … you might have to do a drive-by,” Rasheeda tells her mom, who in return replies with, “I might have to do a real drive-by… ‘cause I will.”

We hope this time she doesn’t run over Kirk’s new bike — or his own body, for that matter.

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