Rasheeda and Kirk Frost on “Path to Destruction,” Says Basketball Wife Jackie Christie
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Rasheeda and Kirk Frost on “Path to Destruction,” Says Basketball Wife Jackie Christie

What better way to start the weekend than to have your marriage dissected online, right? That’s how Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are TGIF-ing thanks to fellow reality TV denizen Jackie Christie. The Basketball Wives LA star stopped by VH1 a few weeks back and had some choice words for all of the couples on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Her advice for the Frosts, however, was especially, well, frosty. She particularly took offense at the whole DNA debacle with Kirk swabbing baby Karter’s mouth to see if he is indeed is. What would Jackie do if her own husband, Doug Christie, did the same?

“Consult a divorce lawyer,” she tells VH1, “because he should already know the baby is his.”

The whole situation turns her stomach, Jackie says. “I think he’s making her look really bad, and she shouldn’t stay with it,” she explains. Rasheeda is “so feisty and strong” but then she lets Kirk treat her badly. “Love makes you do some silly things sometimes,” Jackie concludes.

Jackie suggests Rasheeda and Kirk “get counseling” and “start communicating with each other and kick everybody else out of their lives” so Kirk can stop trying so hard to “fit in.”

“I think they could make it,” Jackie says. “I do believe they love each other, but what they’re doing is they’re on a path to destruction.”

Do you agree with Jackie? Think she should mind her own business? Add your two cents in the comments below.

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