Ravenswood’s Brett Dier Dishes on Luke’s Family Tragedy and His Real Life Ghost Problem — Exclusive
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Ravenswood’s Brett Dier Dishes on Luke’s Family Tragedy and His Real Life Ghost Problem — Exclusive

When the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode (“Grave New World”) airs, viewers will meet Ravenswood resident Luke Matheson (Brett Dier), a heartbreakingly handsome loner whose cold exterior rubs the Liars the wrong way. But is Luke simply misunderstood?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with the Ravenswood star Brett Dier about what we can expect in the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, Luke’s family tragedy, his relationship with Remy, and his real life ghost problem (warning: it’s super creepy!).

Wetpaint Entertainment: Luke is one of two Ravenswood characters we meet in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode. What can you tell us about his appearance at the Founders Day celebration?

Brett Dier: He’s very alone. You get the vibe that he’s got nobody except for his family. That’s all he’s got. He’s a loner, and that’s very apparent in the episode. I only had a few scenes in the episode. It’s very quick, but you definitely get a sense of who this guy is. He’s kind of intense, and nobody really wants to go near him. And you’ll find out why in Ravenswood.

Your character Luke has a really tragic backstory. His father was recently murdered and his mom is the main suspect. That has a very strong impact on Luke and his twin sister Olivia (Merritt Patterson).

Everyone thinks their mom did it, and Luke is starting to believe it as well. He thinks his mom killed his own father. That’s a tough thing to carry around! That’s pretty intense, especially if the whole town thinks that too. He probably thinks about it all night and every day. It’s all he can think about, so it explains why he’s kind of intense. It’s hard enough losing one parent, but for Luke, it’s like he’s losing two parents.

He’s also very protective of Olivia, who is a bit more naive about the situation.

Oh, yeah. He’ll do anything for his family and the people he’s super close to. That’s what I really like about Luke. He’s intense on the outside, but he would literally jump in front of a car for the people he loves.

Ravenswood’s Brett Dier Dishes on Luke’s Family Tragedy and His Real Life Ghost Problem — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

It’s a very honorable trait! And Caleb is sort of similar. How does Luke react to Caleb? They don’t interact much in the pilot, so where do they go from there?

Luke sees this new guy, and he’s intimidated by him right away. He gets intimidated by people that he doesn’t know because he thinks that they’re judging him or talking smack. So he’s very skeptical of Caleb at first, but that all changes toward the end of the episode. Something happens that brings them all together.

There’s also a relationship with Remy (Britne Oldford) at stake. They’re very star-crossed and tragic.

I can’t give away too much about that, but it’s kind of like Romeo & Juliet. It’s a very passionate love, and they can’t really be together. It’s frustrating for Luke.

Because her father is against it.

Right. He’s killing the vibe! He’s looking out for his own daughter. He doesn’t want her hanging around the kid whose mom just murdered her husband.

We’re intrigued to see how Luke handles his own parental dilemmas. Will we get to see Luke interact with his mom more?

Oh, totally! It gets pretty deep into that. It’s really heartbreaking for Luke and Olivia to go through something like that, and you see first-hand how it unfolds.

What can you tell us about the group dynamic going forward because all of these kids get thrown together in the pilot — quite literally!

Yeah, exactly. Since we’re all in it together, we all have to stick together, even though we may not all get along. They really have to work together because there’s really no way they can all survive if they don’t. It was fun filming it as a group, too. I love everyone in our cast, so to go through this experience together has been really special.

Ravenswood’s Brett Dier Dishes on Luke’s Family Tragedy and His Real Life Ghost Problem — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

You’re all filming together in New Orleans, which is kind of out of your comfort zones. Did it bring the cast closer together?

Well, yeah, it’s kind of like the curse! You’re thrown into this situation with people you don’t know, and at first it’s really stressful, but then you realize you’re in it together. I’m just so glad I love everybody here. That really helps. I had anxiety coming here because I had to leave everybody back home. I’m so glad I get along with everybody because that would have been miserable!

New Orleans has a very rich supernatural history, and Ravenswood has a lot of paranormal activity. Have you experienced any supernatural creepiness in NOLA?

I did! Seriously, though, I’m not even joking. I have two now. I originally had one, and now I have two. So here it is: I was sleeping, and I woke up, and turned on my lamp, and I saw the outline of a body in my bathroom. She had no face because the light was kind of shining on her face. I sat up, and she disappeared. I was fully awake at this point. It was no dream. I was literally sitting up in my bed seeing this. But the really scary thing is that Britne [Oldford] said she saw the same ghost in her place, so that’s pretty scary. Also, I had another experience when I was talking to my friend on the phone — and I have this yo-yo that I kind of play around with; it helps me with stress [laughs] — and the yo-yo was sitting on the ground, and the next thing I know, it started rolling up — my house is on a slant — the slant. It made no sense. I tried to figure out how that could happen, so I tested it out, and it just rolled back down the hill. There’s no way it could have rolled up the slant without someone pushing it. So that was pretty sketchy.

Wow. That’s some seriously spooky stuff. Have you told anyone about this?

I’ve accepted it now. I spoke to this energy healer lady on the phone because I was really petrified at first. I was like, “What if it gets worse?” I’ve seen Paranormal Activity. I know how this stuff works. I’m not going to be lifted up from my room or floating around my house one day. So I spoke to her, and she did this energy work on me, and since then, I haven’t really seen anything, so it must have worked.

That’s terrifying.

I know! It’s crazy. I also recently went to a haunted house, which was pretty cool. It wasn’t really haunted, it was just Halloween haunted, but the stuff down here is pretty cool. Everything is 10 times scarier.

But your house is actually haunted?

Yeah, exactly. I should just charge people to come to my house. I could be making some serious money!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, followed by the series premiere of Ravenswood!

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