Ravenswood’s Britne Oldford Teases Deadly Curse and Remy’s “Tense” Relationship With Her Parents — Exclusive
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Ravenswood’s Britne Oldford Teases Deadly Curse and Remy’s “Tense” Relationship With Her Parents — Exclusive

When it comes to Ravenswood, nothing is as it appears, and no one knows more about that than Remy Beaumont (Britne Oldford). Smart and inquisitive, Remy is pretty much Spencer 2.0, and she’ll be instrumental in piecing together the clues of Ravenswood’s past.

“Her family has been in the town for years and years and years,” Britne told Wetpaint Entertainment. “The town newspaper is actually owned by her father, and she works there, so there’s so much information about the town’s history at her fingertips. She’s kind of an encyclopedia!”

We also chatted with the Ravenswood starlet about the spooky happenings in Ravenswood, Remy’s complicated relationship with her parents, and her love of supernatural projects.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about about Ravenswood. From what we can tell, it’s a lot darker than Pretty Little Liars.

Britne Oldford: Well, Ravenswood is close to Rosewood and the whole PLL gang, but I think the two shows are very different. There’s a curse on the town, which is already dramatically different than PLL.

And what about Remy? How does she fit in?

Remy is a very determined individual, and she’s going to dig up the truth. She can roll with any crowd, and she doesn’t really get attached to one group, which I think is really cool. She’s a pretty strong gal.

You tend to take on a lot of supernatural roles, like your recent stint on American Horror Story. Is that something that you look for in a part?

I think I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I think these kind of roles are attracted to me. American Horror Story was pretty much all horror. There was a lot of supernatural elements to that, the same with Ravenswood. I like it. I get a kick out of it. It’s so much fun. I’ve been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. My whole family is, so I’m thrilled to be able to work on projects like this.

Ravenswood’s Britne Oldford Teases Deadly Curse and Remy’s “Tense” Relationship With Her Parents — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

We’re hopefully not going to see as much blood in Ravenswood!

[Laughs] That’s fair. That would be an entirely different show.

Remy’s family plays a huge part in the series. You have her dad, who is almost like a protagonist, and her mom, a soldier who was the sole survivor of a horrific attack abroad. How does that family dynamic develop over time?

Her relationship with her family at the moment is really strained, especially given the fact that her mother has just come back from Afghanistan and she’s suffering from PTSD. It’s very tense right now, and that’s really affecting Remy. She’s having a lot of disagreements with her father on certain issues, so as the series progresses, you’ll see them figuring it out. That’s definitely a part of her journey.

Her dad isn’t very happy she’s in this relationship with Luke (Brett Dier). It’s kind of like these two are star-crossed lovers.

They definitely are star-crossed lovers. You’ll see their relationship develop over time. You’ll see very soon how that plays out.

What’s her relationship like with Olivia, Luke’s twin sister. Are they friendly?

Yeah, Olivia and Remy are definitely friends. There’s none of that weird tension or animosity between them because she’s dating her brother. They get along.

How does the relationship with the five characters develop over time because Caleb and Miranda are the newcomers.

The relationship between the five characters, especially in the first episode where Caleb and Miranda come into town, isn’t easy at first. Some people are skeptical of them, some people, like Remy, take them in because they realize that they need help. That bond definitely grows when they realize that they’re in this together.

New Orleans has a very rich supernatural history, and Ravenswood has a lot of paranormal activity. Have you experienced any supernatural creepiness in NOLA?

We filmed in an old children’s ward in a mental institution, which was pretty odd at times. But you’re right. The city of New Orleans has a totally different energy. The streets speak. I am a very spiritual person, so I’ve had a great time here. I’ve had a wonderful time.

Does that spiritual energy add to energy on set?

It does completely! I think if we were filming it anywhere else, it would be a different show. The vibe here is almost like another character.

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