Pretty Little Liars Spin-off: Ravenswood Writers Start Today, June 17
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Pretty Little Liars Spin-off: Ravenswood Writers Start Today, June 17

It’s happening, guys! Today, the writing of Ravenswood, the Pretty Little Liars supernatural spin-off, is officially underway. Writer/producer Joseph Dougherty took to Twitter to mark the occasion.

Tomorrow is the first ‘official’ day of writing #Ravenswood the series,” Joseph tweeted last night. The word “official” is in quotations, of course, because the Ravenswood Powers That Be (who also happen to be the PLL Powers That Be) have already penned the show’s pilot. Given that they all work together on PLL, we’re guessing they've already jotted down a few notes on the rest of the season, as well.

The much-anticipated Ravenswood will take place in another Pennsylvanian town, not so far from PLL’s Rosewood, and will tell the story of five strangers brought together by a generations-long curse. According to ABC Family, these strangers “need to dig into the town's mysterious and terrible history before it's too late for each of them.” Eek!

One of the these “strangers” will be a character every PLL fan knows and loves: Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn), who will depart PLL after the Halloween special. The PLL ep will also introduce three other Ravenswood protagonists: Luke (formerly called Abel), Olivia, and Miranda — played by Brett Dier, Elizabeth Whitson, and Nicole Gale Anderson, respectively.

Are you as excited about Ravenswood as we are? Let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about Ravenswood.

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