Ravenswood Year in Review: Our 5 Favorite Moments
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Ravenswood Year in Review: Our 5 Favorite Moments

This has been a big year for the Pretty Little Liarsverse. The ABC Family drama got its very own spin-off, Ravenswood, and we have been digging the twists and turns of the spooky supernatural drama. Here are our five favorite Ravenswood moments from 2013.

The Five meet their fate

Ravenswood Year in Review: Our 5 Favorite Moments
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...Or do they? In the pilot’s closing scene, this show makes a ballsy decision to send its five main characters into the local lake. The episode ends with Luke, Remy, Olivia, and Miranda trapped inside the sinking car. It is terrifying. But also an important moment in bringing these five characters together. Fate!

Caleb gives a speech at Miranda’s funeral

Ravenswood Year in Review: Our 5 Favorite Moments
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Caleb has kept us grounded in this new narrative universe with his kind, caring manner especially in relation to fellow foster kid Miranda. When she dies, Ravenswood holds the most awkward funeral ever as she had literally been within the town limits. Caleh, having known the wayward teen for about 48 hours, was officially her oldest friend there. He launched into an impromptu and beautiful speech about Miranda at the reception, and it is one of our favorite moments of the series thus far, reminding us why we care so much about this character.

The others can see Miranda

For the first few episodes of Miranda-as-ghost, only Caleb could see her, which was kind of lame. Until the end of the third episode! Miranda manages to warn Luke, Remy, and Olivia of a falling chandelier just in time by sweeping their makeshift Ouija board out of the way. After the fact, the others can see Miranda and we can see the promise of far more interesting character development now that she can interact with four other characters instead of just one. Hooray!

Haleb chats on the phone

So far, only about a week has passed in Ravenswood time, but for us, it felt like ages since Caleb had actually picked up Hanna’s phone calls. In the fall finale, he finally did and we were reminded just how much we love these two together. (Seriously, it hurt.) They talked about their plans for when Caleb soon returned to Rosewood take-away and cuddling, obvi and we tried not to think about how doomed their relationship currently is. But, still, they planned cuddle time!

The Five go haunted housing

Ravenswood Year in Review: Our 5 Favorite Moments
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Ravenswood hasn’t succeeded with all of its attempts to scare us, but the scene in the fall finale that had Caleb, Remy, Olivia, and Luke entering a decrepit old house to save Ghost Miranda from her Ghost Family was pretty spooky. We credit much of this to Max, aka the little ghost girl whose habits include rotating her head 180 degrees and singing “Ring Around the Rosie” to abandoned houses. Yeah, bring on more of this, show.

Which Ravenswood moments were your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the winter premiere of Ravenswood on Tuesday, January 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

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