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We were skeptical when ABC Family announced that Tyler Blackburn would be departing Pretty Little Liars for its spin-off series Ravenswood — we’re Haleb fangirls at heart! — but we can safely say all of our initial fears were horribly misguided. After watching the first episode of Ravenswood, we’re 100 percent convinced this creepy TV show will be your new obsession. (After all, red coats were so last season.)

Similar to Pretty Little Liars, Ravenwood is about deadly secrets, but the comparisons end there. At the heart of this teen show is a centuries-old curse — and Caleb gets caught in the middle of the mayhem! It turns out there is something more terrifying than a psycho stalker, especially when you’re dealing with angry ghosts.

But the supernatural happenings aren’t the only things that make Ravenswood so compelling. From interesting new characters with rich backstories to family drama and even a bit of murder to keep things interesting, here are five reasons we love Ravenswood. (So set your DVRs now, people!)

Credit: ABC Family

1. Tyler Blackburn gets to shine. As much as we love Caleb on Pretty Little Liars, with all the drama in Rosewood, he was often reduced to a background player. So we’re excited to see Caleb in a new light. Sure, he’s still the town’s knight in shining armor (and his title as the “best boyfriend ever” still stands), but we’re starting to see what really makes him tick, especially now that he’s wrapped up in this deadly curse. Plus, more screentime for Tyler is never a bad thing. Did we mention he gets shirtless in the pilot?

2. Strong heroines. We’re used to females kicking butt in Rosewood, but Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) is sort of like all four Liars rolled into one. (She’s also like a mini Caleb, but that’s for another speculation piece…) She’s witty and charismatic, but she has an edge, which makes her vulnerable at times. Then, there’s Remy (Britne Oldford), who is Spencer 2.0 — she even has the overbearing, secret-hiding father to prove it! She’s pretty much the gatekeeper to Ravenswood’s history, which makes her equal parts quirky and curious. Last, but certainly not least, Olivia (Merritt Patterson) is a heartbreaker in every sense of the word. This sensitive former queen B is amidst a sudden social free-fall and her scenes with her twin brother Luke (Brett Dier) and publicly scorned mother are gut-wrenching.

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3. Supernaturals wreak havoc. We’re not kidding when we say the premiere of Ravenswood made our hearts pound. There’s something lurking behind every corner, and it’s absolutely terrifying — and one heck of a thrill ride. If you thought the deadly curse was the only bone-chilling part of Ravenswood, then think again because in this town, ghosts come out to play — and they’re not so friendly.

4. Creepy Raymond Collins and Mrs. Grunwald. At first, Miranda’s uncle Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral) seems like the obvious bad guy, but according to Mrs. Grunwald (played brilliantly by Meg Foster), he’s just misunderstood — and we’re starting to believe her! Not every teen show can manage to make their adult storylines compelling, but in Ravenswood, the adults are the ones hiding the secrets, which means we need more screentime with creeper Raymond Collins ASAP. And then there’s Mrs. Grunwald, who can send shivers down our spines with just one glance. We definitely want to know what she’s hiding. She’s a Seer, after all!

Credit: ABC Family

5. Sparks fly. For any new show chemistry is important, and thankfully, Ravenswood seems to have an abundance of it. This fab five works so well together, it didn’t even feel like a pilot episode! Between Luke and Remy’s star-crossed romance and Caleb and Miranda’s “will they/won’t they” dynamic, there’s plenty of romance potential in this small town. And with a deadly curse out to get them, there’s bound to be a lot of spontaneous sparks.

Will you tune into Ravenswood? What do you want to see happen? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, followed by the series premiere of Ravenswood!

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