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Ravenswood may be a Pretty Little Liars spin-off anchored by a character we already know and love from the Liars-verse, but after last night’s episode (Season 1, Episode 2: “Death and the Maiden”), it claimed a spot on our television-watching schedule based on its own distinct flavor of supernatural suspense. Here are five reasons you need to watch Ravenswood!

It's bold!

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You know how PLL took three and a half seasons to reveal whether the central figure of Ali was really dead? Well, Ravenswood solved a similar storyline… by its second episode. At the end of the Ravenswood pilot, its five teenaged protagonists careen off of the road and into a river. And one of them dies! That’s right, Ravenswood killed off one of its central characters in the first five minutes of the second episode. Done, and done.

It's spooky.

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Well, when we say “done”... Miranda, the killed character in question, actually returns in the final scene of the second episode as a ghost. Which, leads us to our second reason: Ravenswood is seriously spooky. Not only is one of the main characters now a ghost, but the house Caleb is staying in is haunted by a spirit that seems intent on drowning Caleb in the bathtub. This may or may not be the same spirit that forced the teenagers’ car off of the road in the pilot, more-or-less causing Miranda’s death. Basically, there is a vengeful woman in black possibly out to kill the remaining living teenagers. Spooky!

There are star-crossed lovers!

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But, it’s not all doom and gloom! Because we viewers also get an enchanting romance in the form of forbidden lovers Remy and Luke. Their parents don’t want them to see one another, but R&L don’t really care. Especially since their parents mostly suck. Our interest in this Romeo & Juliet romance is probably enhanced by the fact that Remy is probably our favorite character on this show right now. Not only did she give poor Caleb a hug last episode when the dude seriously needed one, but she’s the teen who has pieced together most of what we know so far about the Ravenswood curse. Basically, she’s the Spencer of the group.

Two words: Carla Grunwald.

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We weren’t sure how we would feel about having Mrs. Grunwald as a recurring character, rather than just one-time (or two-time) informant in the Liars-verse, but we’re actually really enjoying it. She offers Caleb tea and macaroons, berates Raymond Collins for his tepid behavior, and regales us all with adages about souls. It’s great! And, it says a lot about the Collins’ Family Funeral Home that she is the warmest person in the house. (Raymond is a pricklepuss.)

Caleb gets to shine!

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The Pretty Little Liars Powers That Be put stock in the fact that PLL viewers would tune into Ravenswood to find out what happens to Caleb, aka Rosewood’s best boyfriend, and, so far, they’re right. We can’t leave Caleb to fend for himself in this murderous town! It’s been fun to see kindly Caleb get more screen time on this show, given that his storylines always had to take a backseat to the Liars’ “A” plots on PLL. We’re excited to learn more about this character outside of his identity as Hanna’s boyfriend and Liars confidante.

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Tune in to Ravenswood Episode 3 ("Believe") on Tuesday, November 5 at its new time, 8 p.m. ET.

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