Ravenswood is full of mysterious characters, but perhaps none as confusing as Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral) Miranda’s uncle, Caleb’s landlord, and the town’s funeral director. What exactly is Uncle Ray up to? And is he working for Team Ghost?

Yes, He’s Trying to Maintain The Curse

So far, Raymond hasn’t seen too torn up or even affected by anything that’s gone down in this spooky, spooky town and that includes the death of his own niece. This could easily be chalked up to nature, but the man also has a collection of dead people’s hair and the knife that might have been the weapon used in Mayor Matheson’s murder. The ghosts may be good at spooking unsuspecting teenagers off the road, but they could use a man on the inside. Ray is still alive and seems to be in-the-know about everything that goes down in Ravenswood. (If we have to hear one more vague conversation between he and Mrs. Grunwald, we’re going to throw something at the screen.) Someone has to keep The Curse active on this side of the mortal veil, and Raymond is the perfect person to cover up any questions of suspicious deaths or to answer any nosey questions. Perhaps, this is why Mayor Matheson died? Perhaps, Raymond was the one who killed him...

No, He’s Trying to Break The Curse

Though Raymond had exhibited some super spooky behavior, there has been nothing decidedly evil to pin on him. Sure, he keeps a collection of Curse-related hair, but that could just as easily be used for good as evil, we suppose. Uncle Ray’s storyline would be much more interesting, in our opinions, if he wasn’t working to maintain The Curse, but to break it. Perhaps, he is keeping all of those hair samples in the hopes of bringing these people back. It would certainly explain why he was relatively emotionless over the death of his niece: he believes he can bring her back. He believes he can bring all of them back.

He’s somewhere in-between

Few if any people are all good or all evil. Regardless of where Raymond falls on the spectrum, one thing is for sure: he’s been a terrible uncle. (Though, he’s doing a somewhat better job keeping Caleb fed and sheltered.) There’s always a chance that Raymond’s hair collection, sharp knives, and penchant for secrecy has nothing to do with maintaining or breaking The Curse. Maybe, he’s just documenting it, keeping a creepy record of the town’s supernatural dealings. (Hey, everyone needs a hobby!) This doesn’t make him a hero, but it doesn’t make him a villain, either.

Do you think Raymond is evil? What do you think he is doing with all of that hair? Sound off in the comments below!

Ravenswood returns on January 7, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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