Ravenswood’s Curse: Everything We Know So Far
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Ravenswood’s Curse: Everything We Know So Far

The town of Ravenswood is full of so many secrets, we don’t even know where to start looking for answers. But after the Ravenswood premiere on October 22, we are definitely intrigued and ready to search this town high and low for the truth. So far, we’re just glad that no one’s been killed off (or have they? More on that later.), and that Caleb has Hanna’s blessing to be there — even if it landed him square in the middle of the curse.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be assembling the most in-depth list and analysis of what we know about Ravenswood’s spooky and mysterious curse. Here’s what we have so far:

The Military Connection

Remy told Caleb that right before the five teenagers died back in the day, a soldier returned home. “I don’t even know why I’m here,” the soldier reflected after being the sole survivor of a battle. The next thing the town knew, the five teens died in a car accident. Remy’s mom returns home in present day, says the same thing, and then Luke, Miranda, Olivia, Remy, and Caleb go flying into the river? Doesn’t exactly sound like a coincidence.

Tit for Tat

There’s a balance being held somehow in Ravenswood, but its formula is not easily solved. A soldier survived a war, five teenagers died. Luke and Olivia’s dad died? And… what happens? Miranda and Caleb showed up, but is that part of the pattern? Lose one person, get several to replace them? Save one, lose several? Sounds fair.

Stay Out of the Water!

Who knew that saving water would be such a hip thing to do? Well, at least life-saving, anyway. When Caleb tried to take a bath, he was nearly drowned. And though he thinks it was Raymond Collins’s doing, it’s possible that’s just what the curse wants him to think. The puddles Miranda saw in the house, the dripping “rusty” water that fell on the Pretty Little Liars in the Halloween special? Don’t mind us, but we’ll be drinking soda and polishing our grungy look.

Drive Carefully

The teens died in a car crash. The new crew got in a car accident while veering away from a mysterious figure. Let’s just walk, shall we?

Everyone’s in on It

Who is the town protecting? We don’t know. But Remy tells Caleb that she once told some kids she lived in Ravenswood, and their response was silence and fear. Adults are in on keeping things under wraps, giving partial answers — if any at all — about what happens. And is it just us, or do they seem kind of afraid that the next generation is going to learn what they know?

The Weird Generational Ties

Are new Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins and dead Caleb and Miranda the same people, reborn? Are they looping through history? Are they imagining things? Are we? Something is going on with this warped family tree, and we’re not sure if someone is messing with the branches, or if it’s just growing on and on that way.

What other themes do you see in Ravenswood’s curse? Share them below!

There’s Power in Fives

Five people died in the car accident years ago after the first soldier returned. In Episode 2, Remy is investigating the Internet, as she does, and saw that five had also died in a laboratory accident. “Why is it always five?” she asks. But really, why is it five?

There Might Be Something About the Animals

In Season 1, Episode 2, Remy and Caleb were hanging out in the tow yard, as people do, when a dog attacked them. But it wasn’t just a normal dog: This one broke out of a van and tried to attack them again. Maybe he’s just oddly dexterous, but something tells us he had instructions to keep Caleb from getting Miranda’s bag out of Remy’s car.

The House Is Alive?

“This house, I feel like things can move back and forth here,” Miranda says when her ghost reappears to Caleb. Could that have had any effect on PLL’s Ali DiLaurentis, who we know was in the house at some point?

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