Ray J Claims Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian Was a Mistake
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Kim Kardashian

Ray J Claims Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian Was a Mistake

By now, everyone with access to the internet knows that Ray J hit it first, and now, the singer claims he regretted it later, as well.

Ray J, has earned more fame and money for his sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian than he has for his work on reality TV and his career in the music industry combined. Even so, he's now trying to play off his most famous on-camera performance as a mistake.

In his latest single, “Never Shoulda Did That,” Ray J laments the many mistakes he’s made over the course of his life, from fighting in clubs to calling into radio stations to start other fights, but most importantly, he should never have filmed his roll in the hay with Kim.

In the song, Ray J doesn’t mince words about his videotaped escapade with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, saying, “f—king bitches on camera — shouldn’t have did that s—t.”

While there may be plenty of people in the world who regret filming their bedroom activities, few have earned as much money or fame for their sexual escapades as Ray J, so his regret seems less than genuine (to put it mildly). He may never have Kardashian-level fame, but he’s sure doing his best to ride those coattails!

Source: In Touch