Ravenswood Burning Question: Did Raymond Collins Kill Luke and Olivia’s Dad?
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Ravenswood Burning Question: Did Raymond Collins Kill Luke and Olivia’s Dad?

With all the questions plaguing our minds about Ravenswood, it’s hard to parse out what is the most pressing one of all. But since it seems to be more and more important as the show goes on, we have to talk about one in particular: Who killed Luke and Olivia’s dad, the mayor of the town? We’re beginning to wonder if it might be the R’wood’s creepiest resident, Raymond Collins.

The main suspect in the minds of many people in town is that Rochelle Matheson was responsible for the murder — thus, the “Black Widow” tag on her grave (weird that she has a gravestone already, right?), the horrible way everyone in town treats her, and her refusal to socialize much at all. But after watching Episode 4, “The Devil Has a Face,” we’re beginning to wonder if someone else’s family member might be responsible.

In the episode, Miranda found herself in the room where Raymond was cleaning a knife. And not just any knife: For some reason, she seems to believe that he may have used that weapon to stab Mayor Matheson. The murder weapon was never found, after all, and we know that the Mayor was stabbed.

And let’s get to why we were reminded: Ray has a stack of newspapers from when the Mayor died sitting on a desk in the study. Plus, since Mr. Collins is the town funeral director, and has a lot of pull with the morgue — remember when he claimed Miranda’s body in Episode 2 without anyone blinking? — he could easily cover up any evidence that would connect him to the body.

Of course, this theory begs another question: Why would Raymond Collins kill Mr. Matheson? We don’t know yet, and “because he’s creepy” isn’t really a great motivation. But when Rochelle and Ray ran into each other in Episode 4, Olivia asked her mom why Raymond spoke to her in such a familiar way. Rochelle explained that they had gone to school together, and that Raymond had never been to the Matheson house because of Liv’s dad. Though she didn’t elaborate, it’s not hard to imagine that Raymond might not be welcome in some homes, based on that creepiness we’ve come to know so well.

But the intimacy between Rochelle and Raymond was obvious: Though they’re not friends now, they clearly have some shared past experiences that no one knows about. Maybe they’re so close, that Luke is right, and Rochelle was involved in her husband’s death.

Though we’re not sure of anything, we found ourselves nodding around when Miranda said, “My uncle may be scarier than I thought” to her new twin friend in the winter season’s penultimate episode.

What do you think: Could Raymond Collins have killed Mayor Matheson, or is there someone else you suspect? Weigh in below!

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