R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Reunion Show Part 2  — Here’s What Went Down!
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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Reunion Show Part 2 — Here’s What Went Down!

R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 brought the love and tons of drama and Part 2 of the Season 3 reunion show gave yet another dose of reality magic. With radio-turned-talk show host Wendy Williams at the helm, none of the six divas — Angie Stone, KeKe Wyatt, LaTavia Roberson, Meelah Williams, Monifah, and Syleena Johnson — were safe from answering tough questions and dishing the dirt.

1. Syleena and Angie still go at it. Both Angie and Syleena continue to go over the facts of the tour, which Angie “stole” from Syleena and booked behind Syleena’s back. At several points in the conversation both Angie’s manager and Syleena’s manager — Ashanti and Syleecia, respectively — jump into the discussion. It grows exceptionally heated as both singers try to explain their side of the debacle. As Wendy tries to get the show back on track, the ladies still talk over each other, but at some moment Ashanti gets annoyed with Angie’s recollection of the misunderstanding and questions Angie about her choice of words. When Angie talks to Ashanti, she lets it slip that the two actually broke up over his managerial decisions on the tour, but reconciled not too longer after. Finally, Wendy tells the guests that they have to move on from the topic. A fan asks if the ladies will ever tour again, and Syleena says she has no problem working with any of the ladies, but Wendy isn’t convinced.

2. Angie’s boyfriend calls her out. Coming back from commercial break, Wendy asks Angie to address a behind-the-scenes tiff that she and boyfriend Ashanti had over Angie’s remarks about the tour fiasco with Syleena. Wendy tells Angie she heard her boyfriend call her a “f—ng idiot,” and Angie responds by saying he didn’t call her an idiot, but essentially told her to let the conversation end, as the issues had been dealt with already. Wendy (being Wendy), asks Angie if Ashanti has left the building, and Angie says no. Wendy then tells Angie she’s heard Angie and her boyfriend/manager are sleeping in separate hotel rooms. Angie says that’s false and that the couple are very much in love.

3. Grammy Award snub. Wendy jumps right in and asks the divas about the Grammy Award snub they got when learning their Season 2 compilation was nominated as a Faith Evans album, with them as just featuring artists. KeKe immediately says she doesn’t think Faith did it intentionally, while Syleena believes Faith was privy to information and had her management handle the legalities of the album, while the other women were lax with their management’s involvement. As Syleena continues to tell Wendy what she thinks happened, Angie grows increasingly agitated and warns KeKe she’s about to leave because of what she’s hearing. As Wendy changes the subject, Angie reaches a breaking point and walks off stage.

4. Angie’s off-camera meltdown. Wendy tries to get a better understanding of why Angie walked off the set and KeKe informs Wendy that Angie felt disrespected by the questions surrounding her love life with Ashanti. Wendy explains she heard that Angie and Ashanti had actually called it quits some time ago, but are still together as client and manager. Meanwhile, Angie tells Ashanti backstage that she’s frustrated over Wendy’s questions, and accusations of Ashanti insulting her during commercials. Ashanti tells Angie to not allow the “bulls—t” to affect what she came to do and who she is, but Angie is not moved.

On stage, Wendy goes through the motions by stating everything she asked, which was cleared up by Angie. Wendy, however, takes Angie’s meltdown as a hint that everything isn’t as good as Angie makes it out to appear, and that she may have struck a nerve. In the midst of the ladies trying to figure out why Angie would be upset over the idiot comment being overheard (since they are all wired with microphones), Meelah uses the excuse of having to use the bathroom as a way to speak with Angie one-on-one.

5. Meelah tries to talk Angie back on stage. Angie starts to break down into tears saying she doesn’t want to be on camera anymore, and Meelah tells Angie to be strong and come back. Angie then tells Meelah that “all money is not good money,” and she’s not appreciative of people in her personal life. Meelah agrees; Angie then tells Meelah that Wendy’s question about her relationship had to have come from someone in the production company tipping Wendy off. Meelah concurs saying she felt the same way about the Faith Evans affair question, but that Angie shouldn’t allow those things to bother her.

Back on stage, KeKe continues to say that Angie’s personal life shouldn’t be on trial, but the rest of the ladies all understand that they are on reality TV and by default, have made their lives open to probing. Wendy then says she feels self-conscious about going any further with Angie; she obviously struck a nerve that has more to it than what’s been said on set.

Backstage, Ashanti walks away from Angie and Meelah’s conversation, and the two women continue to talk as producers and cameramen scramble around them. KeKe runs backstage to do more damage control and tells Ashanti to bring Angie back on stage because she wants to go home. Finally, Meelah, KeKe, and Ashanti come back on stage, followed by a shoeless Angie. Angie starts to speak, saying she’s she only returned to make it clear that she will not have her credibility torn down or allow anyone to lie about her or tear down her morale. Shockingly, Angie says she’s officially resigning from R&B Divas Atlanta and then walks off stage yet again. Wendy asks Ashanti if he agrees with Angie’s resignation from the show, and he says no. He says that Angie is taking the emotional way out. Ashanti and the ladies of the cast say that they will try to convince her to rejoin the cast, despite what she’s feeling at the moment.

6. KeKe and Syleena talk about Nicci Gilbert. Switching gears, KeKe blurts out that she misses Season 1 and 2 diva, Nicci Gilbert, saying that the two are still friends, despite Syleena’s rift with her. When Wendy asks Monifah is she misses Nicci, Monifah stays quiet, prompting everyone to take it as an insult. Monifah explains she has mixed feelings and would rather say nothing than anything. Syleena, on the other hand, tells KeKe that she’s just a pawn in Nicci’s game and that she may feel their relationship is genuine, but Nicci has ulterior motives behind her actions. KeKe asserts she’s not a pawn and is her own person.

7. Final thoughts. Wendy goes around the room asking the ladies what they’ve learned about themselves, and they all say they’ve learned to be patient, that there’s growth to be made. As for KeKe, she learned that she needs to be a better person to be a better role model. When asked if the ladies would come back, Syleena and Monifah say yes, Meelah and LaTavia say it’s definitely possible, and KeKe says “hell no.” KeKe goes on to say she’s tired of being “portrayed as a clown.” Wendy asks KeKe if she thinks Angie should return, and she says yes, because Angie just feels upset that her personal business is being explored too much for her liking, whereas her image isn’t necessarily tarnished.

KeKe goes on to say she’s not happy at being made the “clown,” but both Syleena and Wendy tell KeKe that she needs to take accountability for what she puts on camera and should curb the habits about herself she doesn’t like — especially since KeKe admits that by being on the show, her music career has skyrocketed. KeKe says she’ll think about it as Wendy officially brings Season 3 to a close.

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