R&B Divas L.A. Season 2  Reunion Show Part 2 — Here’s What Went Down!
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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2 Reunion Show Part 2 — Here’s What Went Down!

The heat was on during part 2 of the R&B Divas L.A. Reunion. After divas Lil’ Mo, Chrisette Michele, and Leela James aired their grievances with Chanté Moore, things didn’t appear to be getting any better. And, when host Wendy Williams got Michel’le and Claudette Ortiz to dish how they felt about the season, well, the divas couldn’t help but jump all over each other.

Here’s what went down on R&B Divas L.A. Season 2 Reunion Show Part 2:

1. Chrisette talks Chanté. Picking up from last week’s episode, Wendy addresses Chrisette’s claims that she has information in her phone that proves Chanté thinks the rest of the cast are beneath her or upstaging her. According to Chrisette, Chanté called her a mean girl over text. When Chrisette called to speak about it, Chanté told her she doesn’t appreciate being upstaged by a bunch of newbies.

Wendy asks Chanté if it’s true, and Chanté says it isn’t, but Chrisette reveals that she recorded the conversation on her phone because she thinks Chanté is shady.

There is a bit of back and forth between the two women, and Chanté tells Chrisette that she doesn’t have to speak to her ever again.

2. Puerto Rico song a go? Switching gears, Wendy brings up the topic of the ladies’ Puerto Rico project song and asks Chanté about her desire to have a lead part on the single. Chanté says she didn’t mind singing the background vocals, but she also wanted to be heard. Wendy then compares Chante’s behario on the Puerto Rico project to Lil’ Mo, Chrisette, and Leela’s reaction to Chanté’s song, “I Know Right?” Chanté doesn’t think it’s the same, but the other divas seem to differ.

Moving along, Wendy asks the ladies if there’s any movement on the PR project song. Chrisette and a couple of the divas agree the song would’ve been more marketable had been more unified on it. However, Wendy drops the bomb that both Claudette and Chanté’s management have been trying to get the song out. Chrisette says she isn’t surprised, but Mo is. Wendy asks the six divas if they would sign off to put the song on iTunes, and all but Chrisette say they would. Chrisette then relents, saying she would sign off because it was Claudette’s pet project and she supports Claudette.

3. Chante’s pink elephant. In the midst of a discussion about the ladies’ experiences in Puerto Rico, Chanté pulls out a stuffed, pink elephant to sit in front of her. Asked to explain, Chanté says it’s because she was told it must hurt to have so many pink elephants sitting on her chest, so this elephant is her way of declaring that she has no problem talking. Wendy asks what’s wrong, and Chanté says that she’s over being attacked and the body language that everyone is giving her.

Wendy asks Chrisette to address Chanté’s pink elephant, and Chrisette says she doesn’t want to address Chanté anymore, to which Chanté says she’s over it. Wendy realizes that there’s tons of tension between the ladies.

4. Confusion at Carnaval. After a reading session by famed blogger Funky Dineva, Wendy asks the ladies if they will all have a group celebration after the reunion, to which they say they will. Asked if Chanté’s invited, Chrisette says she’s not invited to her “experience,” but is free to do as she pleases.

Wendy changes the subject to the Carnaval performance confusion and asks what that was like for the ladies. Michel’le says that she had fun, while Claudette admits she was nervous, but felt that her girls would pull through in the end.

5. Mo’s real issue with Chanté. Wendy then brings up Chanté’s behavior during the Carnaval performance rehearsals, and asks if her perceived attention-hogging antics were the reason Mo threatened at the cliffs to fight with her. Mo says her gripe with Chanté actually started the night before, when she took offense to Chanté mentioning one of Mo’s relatives. She tells Chanté if there was a problem, she could’ve spoken to her, considering all they had been through last season with former co-star Kelly Price. Mo adds that she’s always had Chanté’s back, even losing Kelly’s friendship over it, but Chanté refuses responsibility.

6. Where’s the beef? Wendy goes around the room to ask the ladies how they can resolve their issues. Michel’le says she’s never had a real problem with Chanté, but they had a conversation about Chanté’s attitude. Lil Mo’ chimes in to say she’s never wished any harm on Chanté and that they’ve been in too many similar circumstances to not give their friendship another chance. Chrisette refrains from speaking about or to Chanté, and Leela jumps in to say she doesn’t believe there is a genuine “beef” with Chanté, just that she has rubbed people the wrong way one too many times. Chanté defends herself by saying she recalls a dinner during which Chris said she was a 7-year-old on the inside, which Chanté takes to mean Chrisette knows she can be reckless at times.

7. Claudette vs. Chrisette. Wendy asks Chrisette and Claudette about the final dinner between the divas. Chrisette explains the esteem she held for Claudette, so she was caught off guard when Claudette told her, “don’t talk to me like that, you don’t know me.” Chris says this caused her to leave, to which Claudette says she’s always treated everyone with love and respect. Claudette tells Chrisette she felt condescended to and that Chris cut her off before she could finish her statement. Chris says she felt Claudette had a problem with her. Both ladies then say they’ve settled their dispute.

8. Chrisette’s open letter. Wendy takes a moment to address Chrisette’s open letter on Instagram, wherein she questions why she ever decided to do reality TV. Chrisette says she wrote that post when the show had aired its third episode, after the phone call with Chanté that she admits to recording. She says she was really scared what would happen next. Chanté and Chrisette have a moment when Chanté calls out Chris for forgetting she called herself a mean girl and they both put their hands up to cut each other off.

9. Will they work together again? Wendy goes around the stage asking if the divas would ever work with each other again. Michel’le and Lil’ Mo say yes, while Claudette and Leela say only under the right circumstances. Chrisette doesn’t think she can, and Chanté confidently says no. Wendy rephrases the question to ask if they’d do a show together, and Mo jokes that she can probably get her own show if no one wants to work together. Chanté jumps in to say maybe she’ll get her own show, to which Mo retorts, “but who will watch it?” Chanté tells Mo she’s being mean, but Mo says she was only joking. Michel’le says her feelings were hurt when Chanté said she wouldn’t work with the ladies again, and Chanté tells Michel’le that she didn’t mean any offense by it.

Wendy asks one more time if the ladies wouldn’t mind coming back to the Divas with the same cast; Chrisette, Chanté, and Claudette all say yes. Wendy tells the ladies that it’s great they all agreed to do so, as Wendy announces that the ladies were greenlit for a Season 3!

Let’s hope they can all get it together (or not) for next summer!

What did you think of the R&B Divas L.A. Season 2 reunion part 2? Will you tune in for Season 3? Sound off below!

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