R&B Divas L.A. Season 3 Premiered — What Did You Think?
R&B Divas L.A. Season 3 Premiered — What Did You Think?
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R&B Divas L.A. Season 3 Premiered — What Did You Think?


It’s time we checked in on the divas of R & B Divas L.A., who made their return to the small screen in the February 11 premiere of Season 3. Seems like a lot has changed since last season!

For starters, the most notable change has to be the absence of diva Claudette Ortiz. Luckily, returning vet Lil’ Mo explained during the premiere — titled “The Divas Rise Above” — that it had much to do with Claudette’s management as well as her decision to move back to the East Coast. In her stead, fans were introduced to Baltimore singer Brave, who is known for such hits as “Swagger Right” with group RichGirl, and who also happens to be Mo’s friend.

And speaking of Mo, the Baltimore singer also confirmed her marriage to boxer boyfriend Karl “Dynamite” Dargen! While the singer didn’t say much of her relationship with Karl, she did mention that she’d like to “do it right” this time by having a proper ceremony full-on with a gown and sweet blingage (which we’ve already gotten a first look at).

Moving on to the other ladies, Chrisette Michele decided to make a change in her career by starting her own record label, Rich Hipster, with major distribution and she’s even signed up her brother Lem, who suffers from bipolar disorder, as her first artist!

Another major change? Mo, Chrisette, Michel’le, and Chanté Moore were finally able to put their issues to rest… for the moment. In the premiere, the gang (minus Leela James, who was touring in Australia) made a trip to Big Bear for a retreat. There, the ladies were able to let the grievances out and rebuild some of the trust they lost.

But, of course, there’s got to be some tension!

In the follow-up episode, “As the Diva Turns,” Brave got her formal introduction to all the ladies, and may have rubbed Lelaa the wrong way during a lingerie shopping excursion. Furthermore, she gave Chrisette an “interesting” vibe during their one-on-one interaction and both she and Leela question Brave’s authenticity in a chat with Mo.

The tension only mounted in Episode 3, when Mo tried to set up Michel’le on a date with her father-in-law after the ladies agreed Michel’le should have some fun — especially since she’s gotten better with her therapy. Unfortunately, Michel’le was a no-show for the date and later on, at Leela’s celebration of life for her friend (who was diagnosed with cancer), Michel’le had to leave early, once again leaving Mo feeling like Michel’le is a flake.

So far, the season is gearing up for a good one and from the look of the next episode, drama will hit the fan when newcomer Stacy Francis joins the crew and leaves a few of the girls speechless.

A new episode of R&B Divas L.A. Season 3 airs on Wednesday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET on TV One.

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