Beyoncé Ready to Divorce Jay Z After Paris Shows — Report
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images    


Beyoncé Ready to Divorce Jay Z After Paris Shows — Report

Have you heard this latest news about Beyoncé and Jay Z? Yet another headline about our favorite couple heading straight for Splitsville. Ugh, guys, we can’t. We just can’t.

But we have to keep reading these rumors, if only so we can mentally prepare for the split Us Weekly insists is coming. Sources tell the outlet that Bey’s prepared to file the necessary paperwork to dissolve her marriage with Jay Z. The only thing holding her up: the two On the Run concert dates they’ve got planned in Paris next month.

One of these sources claims Beyoncé is “done” after the September 12 and 13 dates at the Stade de France, where they’re filming an HBO special. Once those business commitments are satisfied, Bey supposedly has, as Us puts it, “a plan of action in place for if/when she decides to call it quits.” The details of this plan? Those don’t seem to public knowledge, which has us crossing all of our fingers and toes that this latest report is just more idle gossip.

Because honestly, does this look like a woman on the brink of divorce? Sure, sure the photo’s got a couple of glaring Photoshop errors (or so the internet claims), but we don’t think any computer magic could manufacture that look of contentment on Bey’s face.

Or so we’re hoping.

Source: Us Weekly