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Which Real Housewife Graced This Cassette Cover in 1993?

This former Real Housewife is a gal of many careers! Not only did she used to be one of the titular housewives, but she's also a medical professional… and a model. Does she ever sleep?

One of her first modeling gigs was this As Seen on TV (Ud. Lo Vio en Television, in this case!) compilation of merengue music, released by Sony in 1993. She uh, doesn't look to be dancing or making music, but maybe she's jammin' out as she dips her hair in that surf.

We can tell from a recent Instagram post — #TBT, duh — by this reality star, this wasn't the only Sony album cover that featured her bikini bod. She posted not only the Merenguisimo cover, but Colombia '93 and Bachata Caribe, thanking celebrity photographer Mariella Sosa.

Need a hint? She parted ways with her Real Housewives franchise last year, but she's not exactly hurting for work — since for her main gig, she's a dentist to the stars.

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