Real Housewives’ Elsa Patton Named 2013’s “Best Reality Star”
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Real Housewives’ Elsa Patton Named 2013’s “Best Reality Star”

To us, picking our favorite Real Housewives star is like picking our favorite (frequently drunk) child. But it seems that not everyone is quite as conflicted as we are.

Real Housewives of Miami star Elsa Patton has been named 2013's "Best Reality Star" by Miami New Times.

So what has Marysol's mama done to distinguish herself?

Real Housewives’ Elsa Patton Named 2013’s “Best Reality Star”
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Well, New Times marvels over the fact that Elsa hasn't gotten famous through talent, her looks, or a propensity for starting fights.

"Instead, she's won the hearts of Bravo-watching America using the tools at her disposal: botched facial plastic surgery, an endless supply of white wine, and the sassy attitude that comes from being a Cuban woman of a certain age who thinks she's a bit psychic," New Times Miami points out.

"She's had a bad nip/tuck; plenty of Miami women can relate," the article continues. "She believes she's a seer; that's some spooky voodoo s**t right there. She's even launched her own Cuban coffee truck. Could she be any more Miami?"

Apparently, Elsa's imperfections are what make her perfect.

"That's the unlikely magic of Elsa Patton: Her face may be plastic, but when it comes to representing Miami, she's as real as it gets," according to the New Times. "On reality TV, anyway." Talk about a backhanded compliment!

Do you think Elsa deserves the "honor," or should someone else have been chosen?

Source: Miami New Times