Real Housewives’ Heather Dubrow On How to Have the Perfect Wedding
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Real Housewives’ Heather Dubrow On How to Have the Perfect Wedding

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow knows a thing or two about weddings especially having recently served as a bridesmaid at Tamra Barney's ceremony and now she's passing her tips along to us!

Heather spoke to OK! Magazine about how to ensure you have the perfect wedding, including what to look for in a bridesmaid.

"Being a bridesmaid for Tamra was so fun, and I was so honored," Heather explains. "What makes a great bridesmaid is someone who wants to be there. Think about who you want to be there when you look at the pictures twenty years from now, people who will be genuinely happy for you." In other words, someone like Heather!

Heather was asked what she would change about her wedding to husband Terry, if she could have it to do over. "Keep it brief, make it personal, and don’t try to be funny," Heather recommends. "That never, ever works!" Interesting.

"I loved my wedding," she says. "There’s very little I’d change. We did our rehearsal dinner on the roof of Shutters, and it was so fun, and we had a steel drum band. But there’s a big pool, and I wanted to do synchronized swimmers, like a show. But the party started getting out of control, and I had to let it all go." Come to think of it, synchronized swimmers would be pretty awesome!

Heather herself is hilarious, as we all know, but she doesn't advise using humor in a wedding speech.

And what's her favorite tip to give people about having the ideal wedding? “Read, read, read. It’s all about reading ripping out pictures in magazines and getting ideas, watching wedding shows,” she advises. “Then once you’ve picked everything, stop looking!”

Then again, who needs to read magazines when we have someone as knowledgable as Heather at our disposal?

Source: OK!